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    Why Choose CLEANA Carpet Cleaners?

    CLEANA Offers 24/7 Carpet Cleaning services in Sydney. Our Highly Experienced and Certified Commercial Cleaners can help you remove even the most stubborn bleach stains. We have high-powered Steam Cleaning Tools at our Disposal, Combined with the most efficient color-match dying products

    Do you have a Bloodstain on your Carpet that just won’t Disappear? For more advanced Blood Stain Removal that Requires Specialized, Professional Care, Consider CLEANA.

    Harden the wax by pressing ice against it. Scrape off the wax with a Blunt Knife, Then Cover what is left with a sheet of Kitchen Paper and Iron over the Top with a Cool Iron. Do not Touch Carpet Fibres Directly with the Iron.

    Accidentally Spilled Coffee or Tea on your Carpet? Don’t let your Caffeine fix Destroy your Lovely Carpet. Requires Specialized, Professional Care, Consider CLEANA.

    They’re Disgusting, But no job is too dirty for us at CLEANA. Contact us to consider CLEANA and we’ll remove that nasty stain for you.

    Acting quickly is important if you want to successfully remove Furniture Polish from your Carpet. So act quickly and call us now at +61283794072 Now!.

    Done incorrectly, Cleaning off grease could destroy your Carpet. So leave it to us to get the job done right for you. Call us now at +61283794072.

    At Stanley Steemer, we understand that you need more than Carpet Cleaning. You also need to protect your Investment by Prolonging the life of your Carpet. Our long-term carpet protection strategy helps, including the following options designed to benefit your Business

    We Specialise in all kinds of stain removal including...

    Bleach Stain Removal

    Bleach stains are notoriously difficult to remove, but we have the tools and the skills to do the job.

    Candle Wax Removal

    Removing candle wax is a tricky process that requires precision. Trust us to perform this efficiently while retaining the original fibres.

    Coffee and Tea Stain Removal

    Did someone accidentally spill tea or coffee on your rugs? We can get it right out with our special formulations.

    Faeces Stain Removal

    Don't worry, as no carpet is too dirty for us. Our specialists can get rid of the most unpleasant stains.

    Furniture Polish Stain Removal

    This is another common problem that needs to be addressed quickly because furniture polish tends to settle into the fibres right away. Call us at once and our cleaners will take care of it.

    Paint Stain Removal

    We can determine the type of paint and take it out with our state of the art cleaning tools

    Rust Stain Removal

    Did your meal furniture leave a nasty rust on your rugs? Call our professional carpet cleaners.

    Shoe Polish Stain Removal

    Before you head out to buy a new carpet after spilling shoe polish on your current one, call us first at +61283794072 and we'll remove the stain for you. You'd be glad that you did.

    Tar Stain Removal

    You don't have to buy new carpeting jus because of tar or road oil, stains. They can be difficult to remove, but we can get the job done right.

    Urine Stain Removal

    Pet urine is one of the common carpet stain problems. It has to be dealt with immediately. Call us ASAP for instant cleaning service.

    Vomit Stain Removal

    Leave this horrendous ordeal to our team. Call us before the vomit discolours your carpeting fibres.

    Carpet cleaning is a specialized science. The wrong products and incorrect service can ruin your precious rugs. But don’t worry—we are here to help. From coffee stains to bloodstains to grease, we can get rid of them all. No project is too big or too small for us! Call us today, and we’ll banish the nastiest stains. We treat your carpeting with great care to keep it looking great and to prolong its life.