How Much Do Cleaners In Australia Get Paid?

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Should you be thinking about working in Australia and want to know how much commercial cleaners get paid down under, read on. This article delves into all the must-know factors that influence a cleaner’s pay range.

We look at the key considerations such as the minimum and maximum cleaner’s salary, as well as how hourly pay compares to salary.

This guide explains how age, education, experience, and gender affect a cleaner’s pay. Discover whether a cleaning job benefits from pay raises, bonuses, or work incentives.

Learn which regions in Australia pay more and if private or government positions offer higher rates of pay. Don’t forget to scroll down to read more useful information with our conclusion too.

How Much Is The Average Wage Of A Cleaner In Australia?

The average hourly wage for a cleaner in Australia is 15 AUD. Pay is categorized by hourly paid roles or salaried work. While hourly paid jobs can benefit from overtime hours, salaried jobs do not.

However, salaried jobs ensure an employee can rely on set pay each week, regardless of the hours worked. An average cleaner’s salary in Australia is $26,000 AUD – $27,000 AUD per year.

What Is 27,000 AUD In U.S. dollars?

A salary of $27,000 Australian dollars converts to approximately $19,673,28 US dollars

What Is The Minimum And Maximum Pay For A Cleaner In Australia?

The pay for a cleaner can range from a ridiculously low amount of $13,600 AUD to an impressive salary of $39,900 AUD. That’s quite a leap. But, what factors can bump the salary up to that comfortable mark? Let’s find out.


As with any job, the main deciding factor is experience. Let’s see how experience affects pay:

Less than 2 years: Don’t expect much more than $15,400 AUD per year.

2 – 5 years: Approximately 20,700 AUD per year

5 – 10 years: Amounts to about 27,000 AUD per year. That’s a big leap.

10 – 15 years: Approximately 32,000 AUD 

15 – 20 years: Your learned skills can reap an impressive 35,500 AUD

20+ years: 37,400 AUD (wow).

How Does Education Factor In? 

Surprisingly, education plays a big role in how much pay a cleaner can expect. While a person who is educated to the high school level may earn around 19 – 20,000 AUD, a diploma-educated individual can enjoy a salary of about 32,000 AUD per year. This seems a tad unfair.

Basically, a poorly educated person can do the exact same cleaning work as their highly educated peers, with drastically less money in their bank each month.

High school education – diploma-educated = 17% more pay

Diploma level education – those with degrees = 24% pay increase

Bachelor’s degree – master’s degree = 27% more pay

Master’s degree – PhD = 24% pay increase.

Whilst we are discussing bias.

How Does Gender Influence A Cleaner’s, Pay Range?

A sad fact of life is pay is often influenced by a person’s gender. Ordinarily, the females are the ones to luck out. But not when it comes to cleaning. Female cleaners earn approximately 5% more than their male colleagues.

Pay Rise (Increments) For Cleaner Salaries

All jobs receive pay raises, and the pay rise in Australia is on average 8% every 16 months. However, cleaners receive approximately an 8% pay rise every 19 months.

That said, this is purely a base figure. Other deciding factors for pay rises, such as an individual’s overall performance play a key role.


Although a cleaning job is not likely to include bonuses, there are occasions when an employee might get this nice surprise.

A cleaner may enjoy a bonus for exemplary performance

End-of-year bonuses.

How A Cleaner’s Pay Compares To Other Jobs

Alas, a cleaner is not a high-paying job for most. In comparison to other forms of employment, a cleaner’s salary is approximately 40% less than most other work.

Government Or Private Sectors: Which Pay More?

It is not surprising to note that in Australia (like most other countries) government-paid cleaning jobs receive approximately 5 – 6% more pay than those working for a private company.

Cleaner’s Pay In Australia

Let’s take a look at how much you can expect to be paid in key Australian cities:

Adelaide – $28,000 AUD per year

Brisbane – $29,000 AUD per year

Gold Coast – $26,000 AUD per year

Melbourne – $28,000 AUD per year

Perth – $27,000 AUD per year

Sydney, Australia pays approximately $30,000 AUD per year

Sydney is the best place to be a cleaner.


Working as a cleaner can be a hard slog, and it is not a highly rewarding role in terms of salary. If you put tonnes of overtime hours in, you can get a decent amount of weekly pay, but without the security of a salary. 

Alternatively, if you want your cleaner job to give you a satisfactory salary, you must first have years of experience and expertise under your belt. A way to reap the benefits of better pay other than 20 years of experience, is to have a solid education. 

However, those who have bachelor’s or master’s degrees generally go into specific careers.

In summary, should an honest cleaning role appeal, it may be worth applying to the public sector for work. Having a higher paid salary and guaranteed pension is beneficial and will give you peace of mind. Furthermore, there are always opportunities for career progression within government-based roles.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Windows Without Streaking?

Another idea might be to start your own cleaning business. Although launching a startup company brings its own initial costs and difficulties, the rewards can be great. 

Putting in time and effort, you will see a worthwhile return on your investment. Very soon, you will be earning far more than you could otherwise receive as an employee. Plus, you will achieve this while doing the job you want.

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