Why You Shouldn’t Hire Cheaper Cleaning Services

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It can sometimes be tempting to choose a cheaper cleaning services company for commercial cleaning services. Most of us can’t say that we have not considered it when cheap companies are everywhere, ready to offer below-average services. We’re here to tell you why cheaper is not better when it comes to professional cleaning.

Commercial Cleaners Are More Prepared

Professional commercial cleaners will ask how many rooms, closets, and bathrooms a house or apartment has before embarking on their cleaning journey.

This allows them to give a proper quote to the purchaser, and to evaluate how much work and time needs to be put into any particular unit.

A non-professional may give a low quote to lock in a buyer, but the price rises once they assess that the house has multiple rooms. A professional will never surprise you with hidden fees.

Cutting Costs With Products

First, costs are to be considered when choosing a commercial cleaning company in Sydney. If the price doesn’t seem to account for the costs of wages, equipment, cleaning products, and travel, then it is probably too good to be true.

When the price is low, that means that costs are being cut elsewhere. This usually means using products that are cheaper but won’t give you that deep-cleaned look you are going for.

For example, hardwood cleaners can be bought for as low as a couple of dollars, but they will not get your floors to shine quite as bright as you would like, and it does not last.

Just as soon as you send the cleaning services away, you will need them back again to fix the preventable. This causes you to spend more money in the long run.

Professional cleaning services know how to pay attention to detail from their experience and training. Things can accumulate dirt and dust that can be overlooked, such as the tops of doorways, baseboards, closet floors, windowsills, blinds, and indoor plants.

Insurance Differences

Professionals will gladly explain whether or not their staff is employees or contractors. Contractors are not required to provide liability insurance in case of theft or a job not done well, but they must provide their business license and own cleaning products.

Employees who receive a W-2 from a company are licensed and have liability insurance, and bonds to cover any mishaps, such as damage.

The company will often perform its own employee background checks and provide the materials needed so that the client and employee do not have to.


Going through a company also allows for consistent scheduling, with other employees ready to step in when needed. Companies often charge more than contracted individuals because they have more costs to cover but offer more protection for everyone involved.


When going through a licensed and insured company, you also get the peace of mind of knowing that if things do go wrong, you have somewhere to report it to.

In a company setting, there is often an entire branch of staff to deal with interpersonal conflicts and any complaints that a client may have. With a cheaper cleaning service, it is up to their discretion as to how they decide to handle complaints.

With a company, there is a system that ensures that an investigation takes place and that there is fairness for everyone. Workers can go to this branch of staff and voice any concerns they may have about training or with their clients, among other things. This contributes to an environment of integrity and safety.

Professional Training

A company consisting of professionals with proper training is important when choosing a cleaning service because they are working with chemicals.

Some cleaning products can be dangerous in close proximity or when mixed together, such as bleach with vinegar, which creates chlorine gas.

Someone who does not know about the dangers may not think twice before mixing two cleaning products together. Harsh cleaning supplies can also damage some features of your property.

For example, you wouldn’t want to use vinegar on a marble or quartz countertop, as it causes dullness over time. Professionals will ask questions when they encounter new or unfamiliar material (which is rare). Professionals make sure they do their best not to cause any damage while servicing the property.

Professionals May Offer More Services

Professional cleaners, especially employees through a company, can often offer more extensive cleaning services, such as carpet or pool cleaning. It all depends on the skills, expertise, and time that a professional has to offer you.

For example, some professional cleaning services have been cleaning houses for thirty years and know how to properly dry out a carpet after cleaning. On the other hand, cheaper cleaners may not even know what machine to start with.

A good way to gauge how far you want to let your cleaner into your life is to do your own research. Develop a relationship with the person cleaning your house, and learn about their past jobs and references. This can often guide you towards a loyal client-cleaner relationship with open communication.

More Time For Quality Work Is More Expensive

Perhaps the most important factor is that you are paying a professional cleaner for their time. They take the time to travel to your residence with their own or their company’s cleaning supplies and then spend hours doing exactly what we do not want (or do not know how) to do.

They provide a service that is regularly taken for granted, and especially today, cleaners deserve proper pay and respect for doing their jobs well.

Sanitising Equipment

The price of professional cleaning services can be high because the price of proper PPE is rising with increased demand.

Professional cleaning services must now factor in the cost of proper mask wear and extra sanitizing products. They must also have increased vigilance when inside the home, in order to protect themselves and others from Covid-19.

In the long run and for the sake of safety, cheaper cleaning services should be avoided. They are too risky to be involved with, due to the nature of the job.

Professional cleaners work with strong chemicals and equipment every day, and they have the training and proper safety supplies to do so.

Hiring professional cleaning services may cost more money now, but consider it an investment into your property and furnishings for the future.

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