How To Clean Curtains?

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Most people have curtains in their home, as they are the most common piece of furniture to hang above windows so that you can ensure not only privacy from the outside, but also so that you can block the sunlight when desired, and so that you can keep in the warmth, and simply for decorative reasons! 

There are many different types of curtains, as they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. However, one thing is common to all curtains: they need to be cleaned.

Some more often than others, it’s true, and most of us probably don’t clean them nearly enough as we should, since it’s a bit of a hassle, but like all other things in your house, curtains get dirty. Especially if they are used regularly! So, every now and then, you should clean them. 

The question, of course, is how. How are you supposed to clean curtains? Is the process easy? Some curtains are incredibly big and heavy, and with curtains hanging high up above a window, it can be quite tricky to get them down.

Do you clean them without moving them, where do they hang? And how often should you be cleaning curtains anyway? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. our professional commercial cleaners can answer all of these questions and give you plenty of tips on how to clean your curtains properly, for the best results, and with the least amount of effort. 

So…let’s get right into it! 

Methods For Cleaning Curtains

Remember when we said that curtains come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, designs, materials, etc, etc? Well, that also leads to there being different methods of cleaning curtains, depending on what they are made out of, how heavy they are, and their cleaning specifications. 

The first rule is that you should always use the method most suited to the curtains in question, and then you prioritize convenience. Some curtains, for example, are suitable for being machine-washed, while others absolutely are not.

Some curtains are light and small, and easy to take off and wash and then hang back up, while others are fixed in place and far too heavy to move. So always judge the right method based on your own personal situation, and your curtains, okay? 

That being said, we are going to cover the three most popular and common methods for cleaning curtains: while hanging, in the washing machine, and dry cleaning. 

How To Clean Curtains While Hanged?

If your curtains are not suitable to be machine-washed, or they are very heavy and large, and therefore too hard to take down from their rail, then you can clean them where they hang, without taking them down. 

This is great for when you want to quickly clean the curtains, without taking them down, and for when it would be hard to take them down so this is the only way to go about it. But be warned that this method is the least effective for cleaning the curtains, as they aren’t getting as deep a wash as with the others. 

But without further ado, here is how to clean curtains while hanging: 

  • Remove any visible dirt, dust (and cobwebs) from the curtains with the help of a broom, to which a brush with short bristles should be attached. You can “sweep” the curtains up and down to remove the build-up of dirt. 
  • Using a handheld vacuum, or similar, vacuum the curtains to remove further dirt and dust. 
  • Use a curtain cleaning spray, or similar, to finish off cleaning the curtains. This should also leave them smelling fresh! 

How To Clean Curtains In The Washing Machine?

Cleaning your curtains in the washing machine is by far the easiest method and the most convenient for a proper deep clean that will be long-lasting and effective.

However, not all curtains can be machine-washed, so it is very important that you check beforehand, as you do not want to damage the fabric of the curtains or the washing machine. 

If the curtains are suitable for being machine washed, and you are able to safely and easily take them down from the rail, then you can proceed with this method! (Although make sure that the curtains fit in the washing machine, if they are large they might need a far bigger washing machine!) 

Here Is How To Clean The Curtains With This Method

  • Start by taking the curtains down from the rail. Do this safely, and be careful not to lose any of the hooks or items, as you will need to hang them back up when you are done. 
  • Shake the curtains thoroughly. This will get rid of the top coating of dust that will have accumulated. 
  • Stick the curtains in a suitable washing machine, in a setting that is appropriate. Again, it’s super important to double-check the cleaning specifications of the curtains, and the fabric that they are made out of. Alternatively, you could wash the curtains by hand, especially if the fabric is more delicate or expensive. 
  • Once the curtains have been washed, make sure to squeeze out as much water as possible, before they are put out to dry. 
  • When drying the curtains, it is preferable to do so out in the air, overnight, or over the course of a few hours. However, if they are suitable for tumble drying, you can do much to save yourself some time. 
  • Optional: iron the curtains (again, check with the specifications of the material fabric)
  • Before hanging the curtains back up, make sure to clean the rail and the surrounding area, so that the dust from there doesn’t go on the newly cleaned curtains! 

How To Dry Clean Curtains?

Dry cleaning your curtains mean hiring a professional dry cleaner to have a go at them, usually in your very house, while they are still left hanging.

This is a great method for curtains that are especially big or heavy, or that are made out of expensive or delicate fabrics, that need to be handled with care and knowledge. 

However, this is the most expensive method, and often the most inconvenient since it requires hiring a professional. That being said, dry cleaning your curtains will definitely get them to look almost new, so it’s a great thing to do for their long-term maintenance and appearance. 

How Regularly Should You Clean Your Curtains? 

Now that we’ve talked about how to clean your curtains, it’s time to address the other major question: how often do they need cleaning? 

The answer completely depends on your particular curtains, how often they get used, how dirty they get, and how much you prioritize cleanliness. But as a general rule, it is recommended that you clean curtains every 3 to 6 months. 

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This is because curtains accumulate quite a lot of dust over time, and if not cleaned, this can cause breathing problems such as asthma, as well as allergies.

Curtains can also grow mold over time, depending on the surrounding area and the conditions, as well as other things that can essentially make them not only dirty but unsafe. 

So yeah, you should clean your curtains if you notice them becoming dirty, and as a general rule, every 3 to 6 months or so. 

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