Benefits of Industrial Pressure Cleaning, Pressure Water Cleaning & Steam Pressure Washer Cleaning in Australia

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High-pressure cleaning is now a common service provided by many commercial and industrial cleaning companies in Australia. This type of cleaning involves the use of water at high pressure to clean hard surfaces and remove tough stains, especially on industrial premises where floors and surfaces can have all kinds of stains of oil, paint, grease, etc.

Though high-pressure cleaning is most commonly used in industrial and commercial premises, it is not so uncommon to use high-pressure water cleaners for cleaning hard surfaces and roofs of residential buildings and houses.

In fact, this can be a much more effective method to clean hard surfaces and tough stains to reduce cleaning time and increase efficiency.

If you, as a manager or owner of a commercial property, are wondering about the benefits of high-pressure cleaning for your premises, you’ll find everything you need to know about pressure water cleaning here.

What Is Pressure Cleaning?

High-pressure cleaning or pressure washing or pressure water cleaning refers to the use of water spray or steam released at a high pressure to clean surfaces and objects, generally to remove heavy dirt, dust, tough stains, loose paint, grime, mud, and mould in buildings.

Pressure washing can be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces, including concrete, cement and/or commercial floors as well as to clean objects such as vehicles and office doors.

Benefits of Industrial Pressure Cleaning

Industrial pressure cleaning or high-pressure cleaning involves the use of pressurised water to clean tough stains and heavy dirt on surfaces.

A high-pressure machine or equipment is used to spray water with pressure on the affected surface, which creates a force powerful enough to remove tough stains, dirt and dust from the surface.

This is not only very effective but also an extremely fast method of industrial cleaning. Here are some other benefits of high-pressure cleaning services.

1. Efficient Cleaning

Some surfaces can be very difficult to clean and will waste hours of your time without showing any proper results. Similarly, some stains, like grime, can be hard to remove even with multiple tries and using different products.

Pressure water cleaning is a very effective surface cleaning method that is particularly useful against tough stains and grime. It can efficiently clean all hard surfaces.

2. Quick Turnaround

As one can imagine, cleaning using a high-pressure machine is both efficient and fast. The water spray can clean a larger area in a shorter time as compared to manual cleaning. Since there is only one machine required for this method of cleaning, the time to gather different cleaning materials and equipment is also saved.

This method of cleaning is also more efficient and allows you to cover more area in less time and clean difficult-to-reach spots on walls and floors more effectively.

3. Improved Property Value

One of the core benefits of pressure cleaning is that it can help add value to your house or commercial property. Dust, dirt and stains might be making your property look bad and can reduce its worth over time.

Our high-quality pressure cleaning solutions will ensure deep cleaning of your floors and hard surfaces and remove stains to make your property spotless and improve its commercial value. Regular pressure cleaning can help fetch a higher price for a property that is up for sale.

4. Reduced Maintenance

Another advantage of pressure cleaning is a significant drop in the need and cost of maintenance. If you are getting your property pressure cleaned once a year or so, you might not need to spend a lot on repairs and other unnecessary maintenance expenses because the property will remain in top-notch condition even without a lot of maintenance.

5. Environmentally Friendly

The pressure water cleaning method involves the use of clean water and nothing else. We use no harsh chemicals or detergents for cleaning. All our cleaning supplies are certified eco-friendly and safe for humans and pets.

Also, we try to minimise the waste of water in the cleaning process to the maximum extent possible. Water pressure cleaning is a totally safe and eco-friendly cleaning method.

6. Works on Many Surfaces

Industrial pressure cleaning is suitable for almost all kinds of surfaces, including water-resistant wood flooring. Whether you’re looking to prepare your walls for fresh paint or want to remove old oil, grease and paint marks from hard surfaces, this method can be both efficient and cost-effective.

Pressure washer cleaning works on practically every kind of hard surface and floor and is a safe method of cleaning since it doesn’t involve the use of chemicals.

7. A Safe Method of Cleaning

Not only is water pressure cleaning one of the safest methods of surface cleaning but also it can help protect your loved ones from health risks by removing harmful mould and grime gathering on your floors, walls and surfaces, which can be easily removed through pressure washing. This method of commercial cleaning can also be used to clean exterior walls and other vertical surfaces and high ceilings.

Benefits of Hot Water & Steam Pressure Washer Cleaning

Both hot water pressure cleaning and steam pressure washing methods work in the same way. Both involve the use of hot water (or steam) that is sprayed on a greasy surface with high pressure to remove tough stains of oil, grease, animal fats and grime. Hot water or steam will instantly melt any fat and grease, making the surface free of stains and clean like new.

Pressure washers are machines that are used for hot water pressure cleaning and steam pressure washing in industrial premises. These are high-end, durable cleaning machines suitable for tough cleaning jobs in industrial and commercial premises and are effective for a large variety of hard floors and surfaces.

Hot water extraction combines the power of heated water or steam with the energy of pressure to create a powerful force to efficiently clean even the toughest of stains. At the same time, the application of hot water provides natural sterilisation for surfaces.

Other than the cleaning of industrial surfaces, steam pressure washing is also used for a host of other purposes, such as degreasing, melting, flushing away chemicals, removing oil, melting ice, degassing, sterilising, and disinfecting.

Hot water extraction can also be used for cleaning dirt and grime that might have been building up on industrial surfaces for quite some time without cleaning.

Steam pressure cleaning is also used as a preferred method of sanitization and sterilisation in sensitive premises such as hospitals, where it helps kill microorganisms and maintain a germ-free environment.

Other benefits of hot water/ steam pressure cleaning include:

8. Reduced Cleaning Time

The use of hot water at high pressure allows cleaning at a faster rate and with more efficiency, thereby significantly reducing cleaning time and the number of cleaning chemicals required.

9. Better Cleaning Results

Hot water or steam can melt away all kinds of oil stains and grease and will make it super easy to remove literally any type of tough stain by softening it. This is particularly beneficial for businesses in the food industry such as restaurants.

10. Reduced Need for Cleaning Chemicals

The hot water pressure cleaning method itself is very efficient in cleaning a variety of stains including grease, oil and grime, which reduces the need to use a lot of detergent in the cleaning process.

11. Surface Dries Quickly

Because of the use of hot water or steam for cleaning, surfaces get dried very quickly and will be ready to use almost immediately after the cleaning is finished.

12. Improved Hygiene

Lastly, cleaning with the hot water pressure method will result in a significant reduction in bacteria and germs on surfaces and help you achieve a higher hygiene level with disinfection.

Other benefits of Pressure Water Cleaning include shorter working time, no use of harsh chemicals, versatility to use for various surfaces, ensuring the highest cleanliness quality, eco-friendliness, and natural sterilisation.

The method can be used to remove a large variety of dirt, dislodge chewing gum, break down grease and fat, disinfect bins, eradicate mould, sanitise surfaces, degreasing machinery, remove limescale build-up, and kill microorganisms.

Why Choose CLEANA for Industrial Pressure Cleaning

CLEANA has many years of experience in providing high-quality pressure cleaning services to residential and commercial property owners in Australia.

We use the most advanced and high-tech pressure cleaning and washing equipment and our team is trained to use this modern equipment for maximum efficiency to deep clean your floors and remove any grime and tough stains.

We also provide hot water pressure and extraction cleaning. If you are not sure about your pressure cleaning needs, call us to talk to an expert about your project and get the best commercial cleaning quote on-call or in person.

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