How To Clean Your Sydney Office After Christmas Party

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While a Christmas party for your office staff is a great way to end the year on a cheerful note, you must also prepare yourself for the after-party distress, which includes office cleaning after a party.

Having to clean your office right after the Christmas party may just be the last thing on your mind, especially when you’re too busy planning the perfect holiday party. But, office cleaning isn’t something you can completely ignore or forget about, as this will come back to haunt you later.

Depending on how bad things are, you can either clean the office by yourself or hire office cleaning services from a professional cleaning company like CLEANA.

Why Do You Need an Office Cleaning Service After the Christmas Party?

The office Christmas party is a great chance to spend some quality time with your staff, family & friends and take this opportunity to know your staff better and beyond the workplace. However, the real trouble begins once the party ends and you are left with a lot of mess to clean up.

The Christmas party will leave behind a lot of mess, no matter whether it’s a small event or a big one. Now, some people might consider cleaning the office on their own, which, to be honest, would be a rather bad idea because for one you will probably be quite exhausted from the party last night and the mess might be too large for any single, untrained person to clean.

Cleaning an after-party mess is not easy, even for some professional cleaners. There can be all kinds of dirt from the shoes of guests, stains of everything from cola and wine to vomit and whatnot, and many other things that you may not even be able to imagine. To sum up, getting a professional office cleaner to help with the after-party mess is the best and the right thing to do.

However, if you prefer to handle it on your own and have plenty of time on your hand (office cleaning can be a time-consuming affair), here’s our step-by-step guide along with tips to clean an workplace after the Christmas party:

Pre-Party Cleaning Checklist

To make things easier and more convenient for your guests, make sure to give your office a quick clean before the party starts. Other than that, there are a few more things you can do in advance to leave less mess after the party ends.

  • Make sure the bathrooms are all cleaned and odour-free and have been stocked with plenty of cleaning supplies and toiletries.
  • Place trash cans all around the office such that they are accessible from all areas, especially from the party area.
  • Ensure that the entire office has been cleaned and sanitised and everything is properly arranged and ready for the party.
  • Remove expensive carpets or cover them with mats to protect them from stains.
  • Ask your guests to leave their shoes outside the door, if possible. You can provide them with indoor slippers to use when inside the office. (This can be followed as a general practice in the office to reduce the amount of dirt and germs employees can bring from the outside.)
  • Use an air purifier to keep the air inside the office clean and fresh for a long time. Keep the windows open.
  • Keep a portable vacuum at hand so that you can clean instantly and as required.
  • Make sure that the bins are empty and have been cleaned up before the party. Dirty or foul-smelling bins might leave a bad impression on your guests.
  • Buy paper towels and disposable tablecloths for your guests to use to avoid making a mess during the party.
  • Get CLEANA office cleaning company to thoroughly clean your workplace, identify the areas for improvement and make the place ready for your Christmas party.

How to Clean the Office After a Christmas Party

So, the party has ended, and now you’re left with one job that you absolutely despise – cleaning the office after the Christmas party. Here’s how you can do it right.

For one, make sure that you’re not alone in this. Even if it’s a small office, it might take you hours to clean it if you are doing it on your own. Get your colleagues to help you if possible. If not and if you feel the job is way too big for you, hire an office cleaning service from CLEANA.

Get started.

1. Clean the Trash

Start by picking up large, visible pieces of trash from all around the property. Take a large trash bag and go through the office, covering every room and area and collecting everything from food grains and paper plates to cups, party hats, waste papers, glasses, and other disposable items.

2. Clean Out Trash Cans

Collect the trash from all bins around the office and properly dispose of them. Do the same with the large trash that you collected earlier. If the trash bins need cleaning (wet trash), do it and replace the liners after they have dried.

Transfer any reusable plates, crockery and other dishes in the kitchen. Get them washed immediately before they become dry.

3. Take Down Decorations

Before you move on to the next part of office cleaning, make sure to take down any decorations that you may have put up for the party. Keep only the ones that you plan to use the next year or so and throw out the remaining decorations in the trash.

4. Vacuum & Mop the Floor

Once you’ve taken care of the decorations and other party items and trash, you are ready to start cleaning. Start with the floor. Vacuum the entire floor and all hard surfaces and tiled areas.

Follow by mopping hard floors and surfaces with a sanitiser/disinfectant solution. This will take care of any loose dirt and dust on the floors and remove bacteria.

5. Vacuum Carpets

Vacuum the carpets, doormats and the carpeted area across the office to pick up smaller dirt particles and debris and clean up your carpets to make them as good as new.

6. Spot Clean Stains

If there are spills or stains on your carpets, do this to clean them away.

Try to clean any stains on the carpets and floors as soon as you notice them. This will allow you to remove the problem before it can become permanent. Keep tissue papers accessible to guests at the party so that they can clean any spills on their own.

If there are stains that have already dried up and are not coming off through general cleaning, scrubbing and vacuuming, try the following method to remove carpet stains.

Mix equal parts water and baking soda to make a paste-like consistency. Apply the paste to the stain and scrub it gently and then firmly as needed. This will loosen up the stain and then you can simply wipe it off with a clean cloth or wipe.

If the stain is still not coming off, you should immediately contact an expert office carpet cleaning service provider. Do not try cleaning the carpet with a strong chemical or scrub it too roughly, as this might destroy the carpet fabrics and reduce quality.

7. Sanitise Surfaces

Once you are done cleaning the party area, floors, furniture and carpets, the next step is to sanitise all surfaces.

Your office Christmas party may have been attended by many people coming from different places, so you may never know who might bring that one bacteria or pathogen that will ruin things for you by introducing infection to your office.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so once you’re done cleaning the office, make sure to disinfect all the surfaces, especially frequently touched places in high-traffic areas, such as door knobs & handles, switches, lift buttons, tabletops, chairs, armrests, remote control, tv panel, toilets, trash bins, basins, and water dispensers.

8. Clean and Sanitise the Bathroom

Your party guests will be using the bathroom in your office, that’s a given. Besides keeping bathroom supplies stocked up and maintaining freshness (using bathroom freshener, etc.) at all times, you will also need to clean the bathroom after the party.

Cleaning the restroom after a party can be more challenging than cleaning any other area. Be ready to deeply clean the bathrooms and toilets, including the floors, washbasins, toilet seats, urinals, countertops, and all other parts. Disinfect touch points such as toilets, sinks, doors, and electronics to get rid of germs.

Replenish the bathroom supplies after you’re done cleaning so it is ready to use.

9. Clean the Kitchen & Appliances

If you had the party food prepared in your office kitchen, chances are that the kitchen will be a mess by the time the party ends.

Clean up the kitchen, including the floors, food preparation areas, countertops, sinks, and appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers and others.

If you are feeling helpless or need professional help with cleaning your office after the Christmas party, then contact CLEANA right away to hire our expert after-party office cleaning services anywhere in Sydney NSW.

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