Step-By-Step Mall Cleaning Procedure with Helpful Tips

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A shopping mall is a commercial building where people go shopping. Malls are generally large buildings where there are hundreds of shops and thousands of people may be visiting daily, which makes it particularly important to professionally clean and disinfect shopping malls on a routine basis.

Cleaning a shopping mall can be much more challenging than cleaning any other type of property. This is because malls are huge and might receive a vast amount of foot traffic every day, which can lead to extensive amounts of dirt and dust to be taken care of by the mall cleaning company.

Moreover, mall toilets are used by literally everyone just as public toilets and may need to be deep cleaned and disinfected multiple times during the day.

Mall cleaning is not something any single person or untrained cleaners can do. You would need an expert team of professional commercial cleaners who have some experience in mall cleaning in Sydney.

Why Regular Mall Cleaning Is Important

People visit a mall not just to shop but also to relax, have fun and spend quality time with their friends or family. The last thing they want is to fall sick due to germs in the mall.

Not only will the mall look unattractive and spoiled without routine cleaning but also it can be discomforting for visitors.

If you are not getting your mall cleaned daily, the dust and dirt will keep accumulating on surfaces and floors, any spills and stains will become permanent, ruining the beauty of your mall, and germs will make a home in the corners, on surfaces and in the toilets.

Besides that, your mall visitors can actually fall sick by coming into contact with germ-ridden surfaces or when eating food in a dirty restaurant in the shopping centre, which can cause serious damage to your business reputation and revenue.

Mall cleaning has to be result-oriented and able to create a positive and relaxing environment that feels inviting to customers.

As an owner or manager of a mall in Sydney, it is your responsibility to ensure an excellent shopping/visiting experience for your customers, which cannot be possible without routine mall cleaning and maintenance by professionals.

Tips and Guide for Shopping Centre Cleaning in Sydney

An effective cleaning strategy with a plan will make sure that any investment in mall cleaning gives you the best return in terms of the desired cleaning results that meet your goals and ensure the best experience for your shopping centre visitors & customers.

Floor Cleaning

Cleaning floors in a large building like a mall is nothing short of a challenge. Regular sweeping or vacuuming followed by mopping is required to maintain the floor in great condition. But, it is easier said than done and definitely cannot be done by any one person.

Besides keeping the floors spotless around the day, cleaners must also consider the safety of the people visiting the mall. Using cleaning signs to prevent people from walking on a slippery floor is a must.

Cleaners should also carefully choose and use the best quality cleaning products and floor disinfectants to keep germs away. For cleaning massive floors, automated machines such as the i-mop floor scrubber can be used for quick and efficient mopping.

Restroom Cleaning

Restrooms are the second dirtiest place in a mall and also one of the most difficult to clean. It’s not that cleaning a restroom is hard, but in a public place like a mall, you have to make sure to keep the bathrooms clean at all times, which means you must clean them, again and again, every couple of hours.

The mall toilet is the second place after the floor to receive the heaviest foot traffic, which is why it needs thorough cleaning multiple times a day. Start with cleaning the floors and then move upwards, cleaning all surfaces, sinks, water taps, toilet seats, urinals, and other areas.

Use a good disinfectant to sanitise the entire place, including all touchpoints. Restock the supplies, soap dispenser, paper roll, and handwash.

Because of the size of the place and the huge amount of foot traffic coming in and going out every hour, the usual mop and bucket cleaning method might not work in places like a mall.

A rather quicker and more efficient way of cleaning a shopping mall would be to use automated machines and equipment such as an industrial vacuum cleaner and scrubber drier.

A high-quality vacuum cleaner can be used for practically all types of cleaning, to clean up dust, debris, food particles, spills and grimes and can be your saviour throughout the day.

Of course, the cleaners must also be proficient and trained in the efficient use of advanced cleaning equipment and techniques. Make sure that your mall cleaners have some experience in commercial cleaning and can handle high-tech equipment properly and produce efficient results. Avoid using untrained staff for your precious shopping centre cleaning.

Mall Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Here are some useful tips by professional cleaners to make mall cleaning easier and more efficient:

  • Use mats at all doors and entry points of the mall to allow maximum dirt and debris from the shoes of visitors to be trapped in the mats, which will be much easier to clean than the entire floor again and again and will also make sure that the other parts of the floor get less dirty.
  • Rather than waiting for days to clean your shopping centre, do it at least once daily to keep the place looking nice and not give dirt and dust a chance to settle down.
  • Invest in high-quality, high-tech cleaning equipment that is more efficient and faster than manual cleaning using a mop and bucket.
  • Deep cleaning the building every once a week or so to pay attention to corners, vents and other areas that are generally missed in routine cleaning.
  • Take proper care of the cleaning equipment and keep them maintained. Avoid using a machine if the cord is damaged or burnt.
  • Keep general cleaning equipment accessible to your staff so that any cleaning mishaps, spills and stains can be immediately taken care of.

Why Do You Need Professional Mall Cleaning Services in Sydney?

As we mentioned before, malls are huge. Moreover, due to the vast amount of foot traffic malls receive per day, there will be a lot of dirt and germs all across the building by the end of every day. Cleaning a mall is both time-consuming and full of challenges.

To be honest, expecting any one person or an inexperienced cleaner to adequately clean a large commercial building like a mall is just too much to ask. What you need is a professional team of expert commercial cleaners.

CLEANA has been providing cleaning services to Sydney businesses, including malls and shopping centres, for nearly a decade now with the help of a full-time team of skilled, trained and experienced cleaners who specialise in offering customised cleaning solutions & services to different types of commercial premises.

When you hire mall cleaning services from CLEANA, you get to work with our awesome team of friendly and professional cleaners who are fully insured for your peace of mind.

We understand that a mall is a large property and may require an additional workforce, which is why our mall cleaning team will consist of 7-15 cleaners, depending on the type and size of your shopping centre.

After you request a quote from CLEANA for routine or one-time mall cleaning services, we will send one of our experts to analyse your place and cleaning needs. Our professional will prepare a custom cleaning plan and quote to meet your cleaning requirements and goals.

Your personalised cleaning plan will include the number of cleaners you need, the type and amount of cleaning supplies, the estimated time to complete, your preferred schedule for cleaning, and the estimated cost.

The thing is that every cleaning quote by CLEANA is tailor-made to fit the particular requirements and goals of a customer. So, you can be relaxed knowing that our cleaning plan and services will absolutely meet your mall cleaning needs.

We give a 100% guarantee of results. This is because we have a seasoned team of skilled and trained cleaners and use high-tech cleaning equipment to achieve high-quality, efficient and fast cleaning results.

The Cleana Advantage:

  • As a professional cleaning agency with many years of experience, we are uniquely positioned to give you immediate and perfect solutions to your cleaning woes.
  • Our cleaning services and team are covered by comprehensive insurance, which comes as default with all our cleaning services and packages. This takes care of any and all the repairs in the event of any damage.
  • We only use certified-green cleaning products that are safe for people and the environment and will help you get the best cleaning results while reducing your carbon footprint.
  • If you compare the quotes from different cleaning companies in Sydney, you’ll find our mall cleaning services to be among the most affordable. Moreover, we offer free on-site cleaning quotes for all services.
  • Not many cleaning companies you come across in Sydney will be experts in the commercial niche, but we are. We have been providing cleaning services to commercial property owners, offices, malls, schools & more for nearly a decade now.
  • Lastly, our cleaning procedures and services are based on the highest standards recommended by CDC, OSHA and other leading regulatory bodies, which means you can absolutely trust us.

When you’re ready to hire the most professional mall cleaning services in Sydney, call CLEANA for a free quote.

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