Monthly Workplace Cleaning Procedure With Checklist in Sydney

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As important as it is to keep your commercial premises & offices in Sydney clean and well-maintained to keep your staff healthy and your customers happy, it is more important to do office cleaning with a routine. If you think cleaning is a one-and-done process, think again.

Office cleaning is not a one-time job but needs to be done on a routine basis. Because your office will get dirty every day, it needs to be cleaned every day. This is why we at CLEANA recommend routine office cleaning services daily, weekly & monthly.

What Is Monthly Office Cleaning?

Even if you are getting your commercial premises cleaned daily or weekly, chances are that some parts of the office were not being paid any or adequate attendance during a routine cleaning job.

This is because these areas may not be accessed or used as frequently as other parts of the office. This is where monthly deep office cleaning comes in.

A monthly office cleaning will cover deep cleaning of the office areas and objects that are either less frequently used or are too complex to clean every day or week.

These may include external windows, vents, ceiling fans, cobwebs, roof, lifts, parking, dirty carpets, ducting, stains & grime on the floors, etc.

These areas are generally ignored or skipped when routine cleaning, but they need to be cleaned nevertheless, even if you do it once every month or so.

Why Do You Need Monthly Office Cleaning Services?

While public areas in your office are cleaned daily, inaccessible places such as vents and external windows are not cleaned every day, which means dirt and germs will keep accumulating in these areas unless you clean them every once in a while.

Wondering why you need to clean them at all?

Because these areas are generally hidden from the common view, you might consider cleaning them not as important. This is frankly what many property owners in Sydney are doing.

While they get their facilities cleaned daily or weekly, they miss the month-end deep cleaning thinking that they do not actually need it. But, it’s not so.

Unless you get every inch of your commercial property deep cleaned every once in a while, dirt and germs will keep piling up in vents and other inaccessible areas and will eventually get to other areas such as the workplace, kitchens, bathrooms and the reception, which will make your place look dirty always no matter how frequently you get it cleaned.

Hard stains that you leave unattended on floors and/or carpets will become too stubborn to clean later on and might soon start impacting the beauty and life of your precious items.

While cleaning external windows, especially in a high-rise building, may not be easy, it should be done anyway because the office exterior is the first thing people will see when visiting your place and a dirty exterior might result in a bad first impression.

What All Needs to Be Covered in a Monthly Office Cleaning Job?

Monthly cleaning checklist and procedure by CLEANA.

Our Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist covers the following tasks:

  • Cleaning vents & ducts
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Cleaning ceiling fans and false ceiling
  • Vacuuming office furniture
  • Cleaning internal and external windows
  • Cleaning exhaust fans
  • Cleaning electronic appliances
  • Cleaning hard-to-reach places, top of cabinets, under the sofa, etc.
  • Scrubbing the floor, removing stains, grout cleaning
  • Decluttering
  • Carpet deep cleaning and stain removal
  • Cleaning & disinfecting lifts and staircase
  • Roof
  • Parking

Monthly Cleaning Procedure – How We Do It

Cleaning Vents & Ducts

Vents in the office will accumulate a lot of dust and dirt and should be cleaned once each month even though they are generally inaccessible and hidden from the common eye. Using a long dusting brush or a vacuum should do the trick to clean the vents off any dirt.

Removing Cobwebs

Once a month or so, remove all cobwebs all around the office. Some places you can expect to find cobwebs include vents, ducts, ceiling fans, corners of walls, around the cabinets, behind the furniture, doors, etc.

Cleaning Ceiling Fans and Exhaust Fans

Monthly office cleaning should also cover the cleaning of ceiling fans, wall fans, exhaust fans, etc., which are generally missed during routine cleaning. We do this by using a long dusting brush or vacuum.

Cleaning Internal and External Windows

While internal windows are easy to clean – vacuum and wipe down, the real trouble comes when cleaning external windows in a high building. Fortunately, we have the right resources and training to provide efficient and safe external windows cleaning services to offices in Sydney.

Cleaning Electronic Appliances

Appliances and electronics in your office also need to be cleaned regularly. These include microwave ovens, fridges, printers, copiers, coffee machines, water dispensers, phones, etc.

During a deep cleaning project, we will clean and disinfect all office appliances inside & out. We will wipe down your office fridge, including the freezer, clean up any spills, crumbs, or leaks and remove bad odour. Cleaning is followed by disinfection using appropriate products.

We do the same with all kitchen appliances and electronics in your place. (only exterior cleaning for the printer, copier, phones, dispensers, etc.)

Cleaning the microwave oven is also covered in our monthly office cleaning service. We will remove any food residue and sticky substances that might have accumulated in your oven over the days. We use a natural DIY cleaner for the safe and effective cleaning of appliances.

Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Places, Top of Cabinets, Under the Sofa, Etc.

Monthly office cleaning will also include the cleaning of hard-to-reach or inaccessible areas such as the top of cabinets and under heavy pieces of furniture such as couches. We will replace furniture and clean thoroughly under them.

Scrubbing the Floor, Removing Stains, Grout Cleaning

Though your office floors must be getting vacuumed & mopped daily, you might still see some grime accumulated on the surfaces of tiles as a result of years of constant use.

In our monthly cleaning routine, we will try our best to clean the grime off your floors and tiles through deep scrubbing. We also remove stains and clean the grout.


Going through every place and everything in the office, we’ll identify and discard the stuff that you no longer need. Everything that you want to donate or sell or recycle or throw away will be collected in separate bags.

Items that you are not currently using but might need later, including seasonal items such as umbrellas, Christmas decorations, etc., lawn mowers and exterior furniture will be likely moved to storage with easy access whenever you need them.

After that, we start tidying up the place, rearranging items on your desk, in the cabinets, drawers, etc., emptying trash cans, securing cables with cable ties, and making everything look clean and managed.

Dishwasher Cleaning & Sanitising

Over time, your office dishwasher will start accumulating germs and bacteria, which might compromise its efficiency in adequately washing dishes and cause it to smell bad.

We will keep your dishwasher clean and safe by performing a sanitising cycle every month or so. This will include the use of hot water along with a cleaner to eliminate bacteria and remove any bad odour.

Carpet Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal

Carpets are an expensive investment and need to be taken good care of to preserve their appearance and value. Besides daily vacuuming, which will remove most of the dirt and debris from the top surface of carpets, we perform a monthly deep cleaning, including carpet shampooing.

The process of shampooing your office carpet will involve the use of a shampooer machine that will send the cleaner deep inside the fibres of the carpet, making sure that any set-in stains are properly and completely removed.

This method also helps protect and preserve the quality of carpet fibres and will make them look clean and vibrant for a long time.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Lifts and Staircase

The lifts and staircase are among the most crowded places in a commercial facility, which is why they should be deep cleaned at least once a month, which will include vacuuming & mopping the floors and hard surfaces, wiping down horizontal surfaces, fixtures, frames on walls, etc., and disinfecting all touchpoints including lift buttons, handrails, door handles, etc.


If your office has access to the roof and the same is used by your staff, even if occasionally, we recommend cleaning it at least once a month. A thorough sweeping or vacuuming followed by washing should do the job.


While parking is usually the most occupied space in a commercial facility, it is also the least focused on when it comes to routine cleaning and maintenance. To keep things safe and tidy, make sure to get your office parking cleaned at least once every month.

Because you pay the least attention to the parking, it is where dirt and debris will keep piling up. We recommend thorough cleaning each month to ensure the place is adequately clean and free of debris, germs, bad odour, etc.

Hire Professional Monthly Office Cleaning Services from CLEANA

Now that you have a good idea of how to keep your office absolutely and entirely clean through routine monthly cleaning, make sure that your next monthly cleaning job covers these steps and tips. This will help keep your commercial facility clean and healthy for your staff.

If you do not have time to clean or need professional help, you can always outsource your monthly cleaning to us. We at CLEANA have an in-house team of trained & experienced office cleaners and can provide top-quality cleaning based on your particular needs at any time, anywhere in Sydney. Call us today!

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