Best Weekly Workplace Cleaning Procedure & Checklist for Businesses in Sydney

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Office cleaning is something you cannot avoid. If you care about keeping your premises and staff protected and making a great impression on your office visitors, make sure to get your workplace cleaned on a regular basis.

But, how often should you get your offices cleaned in Sydney? That’s a fundamental question and one that needs to be answered very carefully. You can contact CLEANA office cleaning company for routine cleaning services in and around Sydney.

In general, we recommend daily cleaning of the workplace to deal with the dirt and dust that enters your place every day. However, not all areas in an office need to be cleaned daily.

And because office cleaning can be a complex and time-consuming job, it is better to categorise different office areas based on their cleaning needs and accordingly define their ideal cleaning frequency.

If you need help, here’s everything you need to know about the weekly office cleaning checklist and the best way to clean a workplace every week.

Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

Wondering what needs to be cleaned in an office every week? Here you go.

While daily office cleaning will typically involve the cleaning of high-traffic areas including floors and toilets and touchpoint disinfection along with daily office maintenance to keep things tidy, a weekly office cleaning job is supposed to be much deeper and might also cover tasks that are not included in general/daily cleaning.

Because daily cleaning of the entire office and all areas is not possible, especially when the property is too large, we put fewer priority areas and tasks in our weekly cleaning checklist, which helps ensure that nothing is missed and your entire office is thoroughly cleaned at once a week.

If you start cleaning every single part of your office every day, cleaning is all you’ll accomplish, which might affect other more important work in your business.

Here’s everything we do in a standard weekly office cleaning service:

  • General cleaning – dusting, wiping, vacuuming, mopping, and washing as required
  • Vacuuming carpets, upholstery, surfaces, furniture, etc.
  • Deep cleaning or washing carpets and removing stains/spots.
  • Cleaning all windows and doors, including external windows.
  • Cleaning marks off glass, doors, walls and mirrors.
  • Cleaning the kitchen, including counters, sinks, appliances and everything else.
  • Cleaning office electronics, fridge, water coolers & dispensers, coffee machines, and vending machines.
  • Cleaning workers’ desks entirely, including computers, mice, keyboards, phones, chairs, and more.
  • Emptying and washing the bins all around the office.
  • Deep cleaning the toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors, cabinets, etc., disinfecting everything and restocking supplies.

This is all we do in a typical general cleaning project. If you have any special office cleaning requirements, make sure to ask our manager to include the same when preparing your weekly cleaning plan and checklist.

The Best Professional Weekly Office Cleaning Procedure by Cleana

Here at CLEANA, we provide weekly routine cleaning services to many of our customers all over Sydney. Depending on whether or not your place is being cleaned daily and the average foot traffic on your premises, we may have to make a few adjustments to our weekly cleaning checklist.

When you contact CLEANA to book a weekly office cleaning service, we might ask questions about the type and size of your place and how frequently it is being cleaned already.

If you are only getting your workplace cleaned once a week or so, we might recommend daily office cleaning to keep things tidy and safe for your staff and visitors.

Our weekly cleaning services are all-inclusive and suitable for all kinds of commercial facilities. Here’s how we do it:

1. General Cleaning

We start with routine cleaning, i.e. dust/wipe all surfaces including counters, tabletops & work desks, vacuum and mop the floors, remove garbage from dust bins and replace liners, vacuum carpets and mats, wipe and disinfect touchpoints and objects like computers, chair armrests, telephones, light switches & door handles, clean all toilets and disinfect as required.

General cleaning first will ensure the place is free of dust, dirt and debris and all major cleaning tasks are taken care of before we can move to other specialised tasks such as window cleaning and carpet cleaning. This will also get the clutter out of our way, allowing more space and freedom for our team to clean your offices more thoroughly.

2. Upholstery Cleaning

Office upholstery may include soft surfaces such as carpets, cushions, couches, etc. and upholstery items such as blinds and curtains.

First, we vacuum all soft surfaces to collect and remove as much loose dirt and dust as possible. Fabric on the sofa can do with regular vacuuming unless there are hard stains that cannot be removed without special treatment. In that case, we apply a spot treatment to remove specific stains or wash or shampoo the entire item depending on its condition.

We will also wash or thoroughly vacuum all blinds all around the property to take care of any hidden dirt and germs. The same treatment is applied to doormats and other soft surfaces.

3. Carpet Cleaning

If the basic cleaning of carpets doesn’t work or if your carpets are very old, dirty and/or have stains, we may have to go deep and use special products & methods to make these things spotless.

Some of the best carpet cleaning methods that we use are dry carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, carpet shampooing, hot water extraction, and encapsulation.

Different carpet cleaning methods work differently and are suitable for different conditions. Dry carpet cleaning is the most commonly used method and also the most effective, but we also use steam cleaning and carpet encapsulation depending on the situation before us.

4. Window Cleaning

Windows in an office are rarely cleaned during a general cleaning project, especially external windows, but they need to be cleaned nevertheless. This is why our weekly office cleaning will also include thorough cleaning of your office windows, both internal and external.

While internal window cleaning is simple, cleaning exterior windows in a high-rise building is not at all easy. Thankfully, we have trained cleaners with the right resources and tools to perform high-rise window cleaning with safety and efficiency.

5. Cleaning Marks Off Glass, Doors, Walls and Mirrors

Modern offices have glass on their windows, doors and partitions as well as mirrors in bathrooms, which may have marks and stains of water splashes, fingerprints & others.

We will clean all the glass all around your place, including glass doors and windows and all mirrors in your office bathrooms and restrooms.

6. Kitchen Cleaning

Because kitchens may not be cleaned in daily cleaning, we will make sure to thoroughly clean and sanitise your office kitchens in our weekly office cleaning routine.

Kitchen cleaning will include the cleaning of floors, counters, sinks, appliances such as refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and all other areas in the kitchen, followed by disinfection of counters and sinks.

7. Appliances cleaning

Weekly cleaning of your office will also include the cleaning of electronics including common refrigerators, water coolers & dispensers, coffee machines, copiers and vending machines.

8. Work Area cleaning

The cleaning of workers’ desks, i.e. the main area where most of your staff works, is also covered in our checklist. Though it is crucial to clean workers’ desks at least once daily, we will deep clean every part of the office and desks, including computers, mice, keyboards, phones, chairs, and more once every week to keep your facility spotless.

9. Garbage Bins

Emptying and washing the bins all around the office is also covered by us in our weekly cleaning service. The bins are properly washed and dried before replacing liners.

10. Toilet Cleaning

Lastly, we clean all the toilets and restrooms across the office to keep them in mint condition and free of germs and bad smells at all times. This will include deep cleaning & washing of toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors, cabinets, etc., disinfecting it all, and restocking supplies.

You can, of course, do it yourself if you have a qualified team of experienced and trained office cleaners (in-house). Office cleaning is not a one-person job, no matter the size of your place. What you need is a team of skilled office cleaners in Sydney.

If you’re cleaning the office on your own, make sure to cover all the points and follow the procedure we mentioned here for the best results. Also, consider buying and using only high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure the safety of your cleaners and staff from the possible side effects of cleaning.


The best way to determine the right cleaning frequency for different areas in an office is to think about daily traffic and use. The areas that receive more traffic and are used by many people daily need to be cleaned more regularly than the areas that receive comparatively less traffic.

The office floors and toilets, for instance, are used by all your employees and office visitors and are among the busiest places in your workplace, which is why they need to be cleaned daily or even multiple times during a day depending on the traffic.

Tasks such as carpet cleaning, washing the bins, and vacuuming upholstery can be probably left for the weekly cleaning.

So, you now know everything there is to know about weekly workplace cleaning. If you are looking for the best weekly cleaning services for your Sydney office, contact CLEANA for an instant free quote.

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