Where To Purchase Eco-Friendly Business Cleaning Products

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Many businesses have adopted environmentally friendly cleaning products in recent years. Green commercial cleaning, as some people call it, has been replacing traditional cleaning products and is recommended by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).

Each year billions of litres of cleaning supplies and chemicals are used globally, which results in more than 130,000 cleaning contaminants appearing in wastewater.

With all the worldwide concern about the negative impacts concerning our modern way of life and climate change, it’s no wonder business owners have realized the importance of eco-friendly commercial cleaning products.

Traditional Cleaning Chemicals

Conventional cleaning products can damage the environment and an employee’s well-being in the workplace. Generally, these effects don’t show themselves until exposure to the toxic cleaning chemical.

Some traditional cleaning products tend to have a lot of chlorine or harmful additives, which can cause skin irritation to anyone coming into contact with it.  

It only makes sense for the hygiene industry to go eco-friendly as it preserves the environment and helps support the fight against climate change.

The conservation of the planet and ecosystem should be more critical than corporate entities that benefit from hazardous cleaning substances.

Green Cleaning Solutions

All kinds of workspaces from industrial warehouses, medical practices, and corporate offices have started to improve their carbon footprint by adopting green cleaning alternatives and introducing mandatory policies.

The benefits of sustainable cleaning products extend well beyond improving the impact on the environment. There is also the advantage of increasing the happiness and health of a company’s employees plus monetary saving benefits.

This article was created to inform company owners about the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products and where to find them.

What Chemicals Are Eco-Friendly?

People are often confused about which eco-friendly cleaning product to purchase and keep using traditional cleaning chemicals instead. This old way of thinking needs to be abandoned if they want the earth to be around for their future lineage.

When dealing with waste packaging, conventional biner liners are replaced with new biodegradable counterparts, while worktop disinfecting is performed with chemical-free detergent.

Many green cleaning products on the Australian market are safe for general use and deep cleaning. CLEANA provides sanitation services and green cleaning products that the Good Environmental Choice Australia Community approves.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning products are a blend of raw materials that are extracted from various ingredients known for their disinfecting properties. Most natural ingredients come from citrus resources, but other eco-friendly chemicals come from plants and minerals.

What’s great about green cleaning is that there are no toxic fumes, and the hygiene products are specifically formulated to be chemical-free.

Most eco-friendly derivatives are non-toxic, plant-based, non-hazardous, and can kill bad bacteria just as significantly as traditional hygienic products.

What Products Do Commercial Cleaners Use?

Whether a commercialized cleaning company is handling packaging waste or the toilet cleaner is washing the bowl, all staff is guaranteed to use a natural alternative. 

The green cleaning product that the business decides to use is entirely at its discretion as long as it remains chemical and chlorine-free.

Eco-friendly products are manufactured safely, and bottles are made from recycled plastic to give people peace of mind. Only hygienic companies with integrity use biodegradable and innovative green cleaning products during an assignment.

The environment is an essential consideration, so using a natural solution on the client’s floor or equipment is vital. Another great thing about green cleaning is that no animals are hurt in creating the product, nor can they be affected by toxic fumes.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco-friendly cleansing is taking the world by storm, and company owners are starting to understand how making a difference in the environment can be hugely beneficial. Some environmentally safe products can be used for a multitude of hygienic purposes. 

A person or business can use these products to reduce the carbon footprint produced by cleaning activities. Below are some cleaning derivatives with natural extracts that can be used as floor cleaners or to polish work surfaces.

  • Hi-Genic Washroom Cleaner
  • Earth Smart Total Bathroom Cleaners
  • Spruce – Pine Disinfectant Cleaner
  • Ecoclean – Heavy Duty Detergent Sanitiser
  • Earth Smart Window & Glass Cleaner
  • Tutti Fruitti – Disinfectant Cleaner
  • Lemon – Disinfectant Cleaner
  • Earth Smart Multi-Purpose Detergent

That is just part of the extensive range of eco-friendly cleaning products that CLEANA stocks. These products can help eliminate smell or odour no matter where chemical-free cleansing is required in the office.

Reasons to Use Eco-Friendly Commercialised Cleaning Products

The main reason to use eco-friendly disinfectant derivatives so inherently is due to the product’s biodegradability. If the solution or plastic container is exposed to water, microbial activity, and sunlight, it needs to break down. In most cases, it could degrade to as low as 20% or as much as 60% in 28 days.

Below are a few aspects that show why biodegradability is a crucial step to overcoming the concerns of drastic climate change. 

  • It provides the results required
  • Much safer to use
  • It’s not harmful to the environment or people
  • Makes use of sustainable raw materials
  • It does not contain any phosphates
  • Are non-flammable
  • It does not deplete the ozone
  • They are green products

Besides all these positive aspects of using environmentally friendly products, there is also the remarkable side effect of money-saving. Using these natural products, people can save on their cleaning budget as conventional disinfectant materials typically cost more.

Can Green Cleaning Products Remove Tough Stains and Grease?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes; eco-friendly cleaning products can do the job just as well if not better than traditional cleaning substances.

One of the reasons we never used environmentally friendly products before was that there was never a demand for green solutions.

It took humans a long time to discover the damage specific industries do to the environment via harmful chemicals. Thankfully, humanity’s awareness of these current issues has resulted in manufacturers opting to produce sustainable cleaning products.

Replacing artificial chemicals with more plant and mineral-based ingredients creates a more naturally safe disinfectant product. These natural cleaners can polish a range of different areas but are also great for people with sensitive skin. 

The industry standards of Australia have tested all products for the customers’ peace of mind concerning environmental impact. Packaging of these items is biodegradable and ranges from spray bottles to large five-litre containers for washing a commercial kitchen.

CLEANA Cleaning

CLEANA has been a respectable and reputable company that has helped customers keep their offices or kitchens clean for over 10 years.

The company has a range of packages to suit any person’s budget, or it can create a customized quote for companies requiring such a service.

An experienced and knowledgeable washing crew performs a thorough clean on all work surfaces, toilets, and kitchens so that hygiene standards can remain exceptional. Once complete, they spray a range of unique formulas in the room, deodorizing the office employees’ air.

Decades have gone by, and businesses have trusted this company around Sydney for exceptional customer service and dedication to maintaining sanitary workplace environments.


Anyone looking for a professional service that sells eco-friendly products and offers washing services to commercial property should contact CLEANA. The business provides outstanding value for money to its clients while remaining professional in all its dealings.

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