Sydney COVID Cleaning Services Explained

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Keeping their workplaces clean and well-sanitized is right now the first priority for most businesses in Sydney. However, it’s easier said than done. To safeguard their business premises against the virus, they need the help of professional & trained COVID cleaners who can provide top-notch COVID cleaning services and disinfecting services with utmost safety and guaranteed results.

A comprehensive COVID Cleaning Sydney service is comprised of the following two steps:

1. In-depth Cleaning – First, the place is thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, debris, and stains from all surfaces.

2. Disinfecting & Sanitizing – Cleaning is followed by disinfecting using TGA-approved chemicals to remove bacteria and germs, including the coronavirus.

While cleaning is an effective way of removing dirt and stains from surfaces, it cannot completely remove germs and bacteria. This is where disinfecting comes in. Professional workplace disinfecting can help kill a variety of germs through the use of specialized chemicals called disinfectants.

Whether you are commercial cleaners looking to learn more about COVID cleaning services or a business looking to get your Sydney facility cleaned or COVID-19, this article is a good place to start.

Introduction To COVID Cleaning Services In Sydney

COVID cleaning refers to the cleaning of a property with the primary aim to remove all traces of the virus responsible for the COVID-19 disease.

Infection control is a major part of COVID cleaning, and it’s not just about cleaning a facility after a case has been reported but also providing a safeguard to prevent the infection from spreading.

A COVID cleaning service involves the use of a TGA-approved disinfectant chemical to sanitize surfaces, including high-touch places such as doorknobs, tables, computers, handrails, lift buttons, light switches, taps, and more to remove any and all traces of the coronavirus.

The electrostatic disinfection method that we use at CLEANA is proven to be effective in killing up to 99% of the germs and pathogens responsible for the COVID-19 infection.

According to Safe Work Australia (SWA), disinfectant fogging is not a recommended method for COVID cleaning in commercial premises.

In addition to high-touch surfaces, all other sensitive areas including floors, walls, chairs, and windows must also be routinely sanitized to prevent the spread of COVID infection.

Professional COVID-19 cleaning services should not only be effective and safe but also must fit everyone’s budget so that both small and large businesses can afford to keep their premises clean and protected against the virus.

Different Types Of COVID Cleaning Services

Businesses just starting out in the space of COVID cleaning must know that cleaning is very different from disinfecting and both have different purposes.

Based on the types of commercial properties and their cleaning needs, COVID cleaning services can be divided as follows:

  • Office COVID Cleaning
  • Commercial COVID Cleaning
  • Strata COVID Cleaning
  • Medical/Hospital COVID Cleaning
  • Childcare COVID Cleaning
  • Vehicle COVID Cleaning
  • Gym COVID Cleaning

Office COVID Cleaning

Office COVID cleaning services focus on routine cleaning and disinfection of office premises with the aim to minimize the presence of the virus and prevent infection spread through touch and respiratory activities.

The probability of the virus spreading in an office space is very high because many people are using the same closed space for long hours and even a single case can result in a sudden spike of cases if proper cleaning and sanitizing practices are not followed.

Professional office COVID cleaning service aims to help office owners and managers keep their premises clean and build a safety net against the coronavirus through routine deep cleaning and disinfection of their premises.

This involves daily cleaning of their premises, including floors, offices, rooms, toilets, kitchens, etc., followed by disinfection of high-touch surfaces including office equipment, water faucets, taps, light switches, doors, windows, lifts, and all others.

We generally advise offices in Sydney to disinfect their high-traffic areas and points at least twice every day or more depending on the use. And of course, cleaning should not be mixed with disinfection.

Both are different things, and disinfection must ideally be done after the place has been cleaned for dust and dirt. Office restrooms, bathrooms, toilets, and other high-germ areas should be cleaned and sanitized more often and deeply.

Commercial COVID Cleaning

COVID cleaning is as important for other commercial places as it is for offices. In premises like retail stores, warehouses, factories, and others, hundreds of people including customers and staff move through the property all day long, which can make it super easy for the virus to spread once it has reached inside your commercial facility.

This is why it is very important to routinely clean and sanitize commercial premises from top to bottom to ensure the safety of your staff and customers.

CLEANA recommends daily cleaning and sanitization of high-traffic places and frequently touched objects including doors, windows, light switches, machines, computers, toilets, etc. in commercial facilities.

Professional & trained COVID cleaners must be employed for the job, as they have good knowledge of and experience in providing results-driven cleaning services and can guarantee complete virus removal from the premises.

Other than that, make sure to adopt the following basic cleaning practices to maintain proper hygiene throughout the day:

  • Install hand sanitising stations at all entry points.
  • Instruct your staff to follow proper hygiene, wear masks and wash their hands frequently.
  • Get high-traffic points cleaned and sanitized frequently.
  • Use professional and trained COVID cleaners for your peace of mind.

Strata COVID Cleaning

Strata cleaning refers to the cleaning of large commercial buildings including office properties and residential buildings. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance of these properties are required to ensure they both look beautiful and last long.

At the same time, routine disinfection of strata buildings will help ensure the safety of residents and workers from contagious diseases like COVID-19.

Just like any commercial property, large strata buildings and residential complexes are equally prone to infection, which is why thorough strata cleaning and routine disinfection must be done to ensure the safety of the residents and visitors in high-rise buildings.

This includes cleaning all general areas as well as shared spaces on a daily/weekly basis, plus disinfection of frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, handles, handrails, outdoor furniture, lifts, light switches, etc.

All shared spaces including game rooms, gyms, pool, party areas, and laundry rooms must also be frequently cleaned and properly sanitized by expert COVID cleaners in Sydney.

Also, make certain that cleaners use only TGA-approved disinfectant that is certified safe for both people and the environment and is effective in killing the virus causing the COVID-19 disease.

Medical/Hospital COVID Cleaning

Medical centres and hospitals are some of the highest infection-risk premises. Even without COVID, there can be a lot of other germs and viruses present in a healthcare facility coming through patients arriving and staying there for days.

Routine cleaning and frequent disinfection are the only ways to ensure the complete safety of your medical premises and patients.

Without stringent cleaning and hygiene practices in place, a medical facility can become a playground for germs and viruses that will quickly spread to people and places through touch and respiratory activities.

Expert cleaning by professional COVID cleaners is the right step to ensuring the full safety of people in workplaces. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the area and traffic in the centre.

While all regular places and floors in a hospital should ideally be cleaned daily, high-touch surfaces and objects, including bathrooms, toilets, etc. should be cleaned and disinfected more frequently.

Also, the visitor area in a medical centre is highly prone to catching and spreading infection, which is why it must be cleaned regularly and with a high degree of safety by professional medical COVID cleaners in Sydney.

Childcare COVID Cleaning

Childcare centres are the most amazing of all places. They deal with our future – the children. At the same time, they have the biggest responsibility of taking good care of the children and keeping them healthy.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of childcare premises using expert childcare COVID cleaning services is the best way to ensure the comprehensive safety of your childcare centre and children.

Not only do children are highly vulnerable to diseases but also they would be the ones to quickly spread the infection if or when they catch it.

From infected children to their toys, food, and other children, the virus can spread swiftly and will eventually make your entire care centre sick.

If you do not want that, invest in a good childcare COVID cleaning service and make sure to get your premises routinely cleaned and sanitized by a professional company.

We understand it can be difficult to keep a childcare centre clean as you can’t stop children from playing or making a mess out of things like their food. This is where we come in. CLEANA’s trained & certified childcare cleaners will ensure your centre is kept clean and well-maintained.

They will clean and disinfect your centre multiple times during the day as well as clean any spills or stains as soon as they occur. We use police-checked cleaners and high-quality disinfectants that are non-toxic and certified safe.

Vehicle COVID Cleaning

Vehicles can also actively contribute to spreading the COVID infection, especially when a car is being used by multiple people. In commercial facilities like hospitals, offices, grocery delivery, restaurants, etc.

where multiple people share the same vehicles, it should be mandatory to routinely clean and sanitize the vehicles to prevent the infection from spreading. And besides the COVID virus, a commercial vehicle will have all kinds of germs and bacteria beyond your imagination.

A vehicle COVID cleaning service will include complete disinfection of your car from inside out using a TGA-approved disinfectant, which will practically guarantee that up to 99% of germs are removed from the vehicle.

This includes sanitization of all high-touch objects and places including the vehicle doors, windows, buttons, steering, dashboard, seats, AC, charging point, hood, boot space, and more to remove all kinds of germs.

Ideally, a commercial vehicle should be cleaned and sanitized between uses and multiple times during the day, while a personal vehicle should be disinfected at least once a week to keep germs away.

To avoid risking the health of your employees and keep your commercial vehicles looking and feeling safe, make sure to get them disinfected regularly. Also, instruct your staff to get themselves and their personal belongings sanitized every time they use the company vehicle.

Gym COVID Cleaning

Gyms in Sydney are now opening again post the pandemic as things are returning back to normal. Well, that’s a good thing as long as gyms follow proper cleaning and hygiene practices for the safety of their customers and staff.

Gyms, yoga centres, and health clubs are important commercial premises and are used by hundreds of people daily. This also makes them one of the best places for germs to spread and infect many people.

At the same time, keeping a gym clean can be tricky. But, it’s important because germs will spread quickly from one machine to another and in no time, they can contaminate your entire facility, making your customers sick.

This makes it super crucial to frequently clean and sanitize your gym, including all equipment and machines, preferably on a daily basis.

A gym COVID cleaning service will target all sensitive areas in your gym, such as toilets, bathrooms, exercise equipment, changing rooms, etc., and will keep these areas clean and germ-free through regular cleaning and disinfection. All high-touch areas and places will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized multiple times during the day.

This will help ensure your customers get to work out in a fresh and germ-free environment. Also, it will help minimize the chances of an infection spreading on

your property and will likely kill the virus at the breeding point itself thereby preventing it from spreading any further.

What Is The Need For COVID Cleaning In Sydney?

Sydney is one of the biggest cities in the world. As the premier business hub of Australia, Sydney has many important buildings, government offices, big hospitals, and offices of top companies.

All these businesses and their workers are at risk as long as there is a global pandemic active out there. And rigorous cleaning and disinfection are two of the best ways to protect businesses from COVID-19, according to health experts.

Regular cleaning of high-traffic places and frequently touched objects like door handles, knobs, lift buttons, light switches, etc. can help slow the spread of covid infection.

The virus responsible for COVID is said to be able to spread through contaminated surfaces, which makes it super important to routinely clean and disinfect surfaces that are in frequent contact with a lot of people.

In an office, for instance, objects like keyboards, doorknobs, coffee machines, phone receivers, printers, toilets, water taps, etc. are used and touched by multiple people throughout the day, which makes them directly exposed to the virus and a perfect source for the infection to spread.

The COVID pandemic is far from over. With new variants of the deadly virus being reported every once in a while, it is a must for Sydney businesses to follow strict safety measures and focus more on employing better & trained covid cleaners to keep their staff and visitors safe from COVID.

If you are not sure that your existing cleaners are up to the task or need professional help to keep your Sydney office clean and safe, call us today for a free consultation.

How To Hire The Best COVID-19 Cleaners In Sydney?

According to the WHO, the coronavirus can survive on hard surfaces for days and can spread to other people who touch them. Cleaning along with disinfecting these surfaces and high-touch areas can help prevent the spread and remove the virus from commercial properties.

If you are looking for the best local COVID cleaning services in Sydney, you’re at the right place. Start with searching for a reliable and efficient provider of covid cleaning services in your area.

Before choosing a company, research it to find out whether the company has a good reputation in the market. Not everything that shines is gold.

The companies that have good reviews or many cleaners may not necessarily be the right fit for you. Assess a company based on your particular cleaning needs, budget, and expectations.

When hiring a covid cleaning company, always go with the highest quality option. You do not want to save some bucks at the cost of risking the health of your staff. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Here are a few other things to consider when hiring a COVID cleaner in Sydney:

1. The cleaner must be well trained and have experience in covid disinfection services.

2. Cleaners must be provided with high-quality supplies, equipment, and proper protective gear.

3. Make sure the company has a good market reputation and positive customer feedback.

4. Having extensive experience in the commercial cleaning industry is definitely a plus.

Book A COVID Cleaning Service With Sydney’s Top Cleaning Company

CLEANA is a Sydney-based commercial and disinfection cleaning company with more than two decades of cleaning experience. We offer a team of highly trained and reliable cleaners who can assist you with all your routine cleaning and COVID disinfection needs at pocket-friendly rates.

In addition to COVID cleaning, CLEANA offers a complete range of commercial cleaning solutions and services to offices, gyms, stores, strata buildings, schools, childcare centers, warehouses, and many other properties in Sydney.

We have a very high customer satisfaction rate and our customers trust us to perform consistently high-quality cleaning with full care and support.

Our professional cleaners are always on time and fully attentive to your cleaning expectations. They will help keep your property clean, well-maintained, and fully protected with a promise of 100% satisfaction.

Contact us today to schedule a COVID cleaning service anywhere in Sydney.

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