Important Things You Should Consider Before Hiring A Bond Cleaner

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Bond cleaning is the cleaning process of your home or office that is required by law (represented by a real estate agent) to return the bond deposits you paid for when you first leased the property.

If the cleanliness is not of a sufficiently high standard at the end of your lease, you could lose some and possibly your entire bond. Cleaning on exit, going out or binding is a very, very thorough cleaning of your home and unit.

So, are you going out and looking to hire a bond cleaner but don’t know what to consider before hiring a bond cleaner? If yes, then this article can help you.

Here we are engraving some important things you should consider before hiring a bond cleaner or even before contacting a Bond cleaner.

Avoid DIY Cleaning

We know money is important and everyone wants to save a bit for themselves but with DIY cleaning you may lose more than expected. With DIY cleaning there are chances that you may not clean the apartment completely. 

Plus, commercial cleaning of an entire apartment can be an exhausting task. Also, if the unit is not completely clean, you may not get your bond money back. So, to avoid these situations, you must hire a dedicated bond cleaner.

Hire Experienced Bond Cleaners

Experience has a price but the result will be unmatched. The reason why people prefer hiring experienced bond cleaners is that they can get the cleaning job done quickly within the budget, in time, and also save money in many ways. 

Another reason is that experienced cleaners can clean all areas and all types of areas of the apartment efficiently and with precision. This will undoubtedly impress your landlord and he will not have any problem returning the bond amount.

Organize Your Apartment

Not all cleaners will care about dismantling and restocking your unit, whether it’s commercial property or residential. Most cleaners can go straight into the cleaning, and as such, there will be some spots that won’t completely clean or settle well after cleaning.

Therefore, your apartment will look chaotic, and if this happens, your landlord may be disappointed with the results even if you tried your best to clean or hired local cleaners for cleaning.

Removal Service Before Cleaning

Before you hire an end-of-bond or lease cleaner in Sydney, consider relocating all your belongings as this will help the cleaners to clean all areas better in the absence of items. 

Also, since there are little or no belongings left in the apartment, the cleaners can finish the job on time. It will also avoid any 

Take Care Of Electrical Hazards

Since end-of-bond or lease cleaners will clean your apartment using specific tools and equipment, you need to make sure the space is free of any type of electrical hazards. 

Otherwise, it can be fatal for the cleaners. Also, as and when there is a short circuit, it can make the owner upset and it will cost you bond money.

Hire Cleaners A Few Days Before You Exit

Last minutes call does not always work. Don’t make the mistake of booking a Bond cleaning service right before you head out. You may not get an appointment with the best one and you will go with an inexperienced one which will be problematic for you. 

Therefore, you should contact them a few days before going out. In this way, the chances of their appointment will also become easier.

Compare Price

Before you hire a bond cleaner, you should compare the price and package of their services. There are many cleaning companies out there and they all have something unique in their package. 

So check what these companies are offering and are getting value for your money services. Thus, compare prices first before hiring a professional cleaner.

Compare Checklist

Normally, a professional company will prepare a checklist with the quote. This checklist includes what tasks the cleaners will perform during cleaning your unit. Before saying done, make sure to check all the tasks and if there is some confusion there, ask the cleaners. It will make the cleaning process easier.

How Much Does Bond Cleaning Cost?

Most people don’t want to pay a single penny more than the actual market fee. The same can be true when it comes to bond cleaning services. However, several factors are considered on the basis of which the cleaning price of a bond is decided.

Regardless of your professional cleaning needs, you may be charged on the following grounds.

  • Hourly basis
  • As per the size of the unit or property
  • Depending on the cleaning modules to be implemented.
  • Repairing cost
  • Staff required extra tasks

Although, we can estimate the total cost we can actually estimate the final price. The proper final cost will be known only after inspection.

It also depends on the size of the premises and the additional services you are asking a professional to perform. Therefore, contact a professional cleaning company like CLEANA and let us conduct an inspection so we can provide you with an estimate.

We have presented here some important things you need to take care of before hiring a professional cleaner for bond cleaning. However, If you are in Sydney and looking for the best bond cleaner or cleaning company. You are at the right place. 

We are CLEANA, a professional cleaning company in Sydney, NSW, Australia. We provide all types of cleaning services including carpet cleaning, windows cleaning, Covid-19 cleaning, deep cleaning, office cleaning, commercial cleaning, commercial cleaning, Christmas cleaning, one-time cleaning, regular cleaning, and many more types of services. 

Whether you have an office, home, apartment, strata, or industrial property we are ready to make it clean and shiny again. So contact us now and don’t miss the opportunity to get the full bond amount.

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