Types Of Business Cleaning Services

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It may not be obvious to everyone, but commercial cleaning companies will often provide a great variety of different services, depending on the environment that needs cleaning and the facilities they have available.

Of course, many commercial cleaning services companies will specialize in just one service and provide it to numerous clients.

If you’re looking to hire commercial cleaners for your building, it’s probably a good idea to understand all the different services that you could make the most of.

Services Based On Location

Some services a commercial cleaning company provides will be based on the type of environment that needs to be cleaned, rather than the type of cleaning that needs to be done.

Here are some of the most common examples:

Office Cleaning

Office spaces will often have cleaners employed to routinely visit the space and they will often clean it every night.

Because they need to work around the regular working day, office cleaners are often required to work very early or very late in the day, either before or after the office staff will work.

This cleaning will often entail fairly light work compared to some more industrial environments.

For example, office cleaners will usually perform vacuum cleaning, sweeping, dusting, and removal of trash as standard.

They will also often look after any bathrooms or kitchen areas the office space might have.

Cleaning A Child-friendly Environment

Buildings in which children are expected to be the primary visitor naturally need to have very high standards of hygiene applied to them. These include venues like nurseries and schools.

Again, these cleaners will need to work around the hours that children will be at the venue, often very early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

These cleaners must also be conscious of using eco-friendly, non-toxic chemicals when cleaning a child-friendly area like a school. There are plenty of chemicals that will cause bad reactions to a child’s allergies so these need to be carefully avoided.

Cleaning Professional Kitchens

In the past, it was common practice to have kitchen staff be responsible for all the cleaning that took place in their kitchen. However, nowadays it has become somewhat more common for restaurant owners to hire external cleaning staff to provide their services for the kitchen.

The benefits of using an external commercial cleaning service are that quality is much more assured and the job will likely be done to a higher standard.

For example, kitchen staff often do not possess the expertise needed to thoroughly clean everything in a kitchen, regardless of how well they are trained.

Commercial cleaners, on the other hand, will arrive at a job with all the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to tackle any kind of cleaning job.

Many restaurants that employ commercial cleaning services will still require their kitchen staff to perform routine cleaning and maintenance at the end of every shift but have professional cleaners come in once a week to deep clean the facilities.

These cleaners will, again, have to work around the restaurant’s working hours, meaning they are usually fairly flexible with when they can work.

Cleaning Industrial Environments

By ‘industrial environments’ we essentially mean factories, warehouses, and other kinds of manufacturing establishments.

These venues will often contain plenty of industrial machinery that will need to be carefully worked around by cleaners, requiring them to use their expertise and specialist equipment to do the job safely, without damaging anything.

This job can be very dangerous, especially when cleaning machinery is involved. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to hire experienced commercial cleaners and minimize the risk of an accident taking place.

The hours that these cleaners will have to work largely depend on the operational hours of the industrial environment itself. Each building could be open at any combination of different hours so cleaning companies will need to be flexible.

Services Based On Type Of Cleaning

As well as offering services based on the location that needs cleaning, some commercial cleaners will tailor their services to the type of job that needs to be done.

This is largely the case because different types of cleaning require different sets of equipment and supplies to ensure a good job is done.

For example, a cleaning company might be able to provide all the services needed for cleaning an office space but not have the right equipment for cleaning bathrooms. In this case, they will offer their services based not on the office space, but on the types of cleaning they can provide.

Cleaning Carpets

Carpets exist in pretty much every type of building or commercial establishment, so this is a very standard service that commercial cleaners will provide.

For this job, cleaning companies will often use vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners to remove any dirt or dust from carpets and to keep them looking bright and fresh.

Cleaning Tiled Floors

Tiled floors are just as commonplace in a lot of commercial buildings as carpets, meaning pretty much all commercial cleaning companies will provide this service.

They will often perform routine sweeping and mopping of tiled floors, as well as deep cleaning them and the grout in between each tile.

Cleaning HVAC Ducts

The ducts and vents that circulate air through a building can often get a lot of dust and debris built up inside them.

That’s why it’s very important to have them regularly cleaned and commercial cleaners will often easily provide this service.

This is not the sort of thing that you can expect office workers to do in their own workspace, so will often have to be outsourced to commercial cleaners to ensure good air quality.

Cleaning Furniture

Of course, furniture can also be found in a variety of commercial buildings and will require regular cleaning to keep them looking fresh and presentable.

Cleaning companies will often use specialist chemicals and equipment depending on the material that each piece of furniture is made of, meaning they may need to know all the details before arriving at the job.

Cleaning Windows

Window cleaning is a profession that has been around pretty much since windows were invented!

Commercial window cleaners may be employed to work on small-scale operations like a shop window or the ground floor of a commercial building.

However, they can also be used for much larger operations like cleaning windows on an entire apartment complex or block of offices.

This is often a very difficult job for an amateur to do, even with the right equipment so it’s always best to leave it to the experts.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, those are some of the most commonly offered commercial cleaning services you will be offered by any good cleaning company.

Of course, there are plenty of other services a company may offer that we didn’t have time to list in this article.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get in contact with a commercial cleaning company before hiring them and determining which services are most suitable for your building’s needs.

General Cleaning Vs Deep Cleaning

As with most businesses, you can tell a lot about a commercial cleaning company by how many of these services they are able to provide.

Any good company should be able to provide all the basic services but an indicator of a really good one is if they offer you the chance to sign up for even more services than you thought you needed!

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