General Cleaning Vs Deep Cleaning

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Cleaning is so important. Not only does it make our commercial premises and homes look and indeed, smell, much better – but the positive hygiene impact that cleaning has is crucial for our overall health and safety. 

The question is when you go into a place that might need a clean-

Does it need general cleaning?

Does it need a deep clean?

What exactly is the difference anyway?

If you’re looking for a cleaning service and you don’t quite know what you’re looking for, read our handy guide below and see what the differences are between the two and weigh up what you might need. 

For this guide, we will be focussing mainly on commercial cleaning.

What Exactly Is General Cleaning?

General cleaning as the phrase might suggest is cleaning generally. It is something that you should be doing regularly to avoid the build-up of things and to avoid becoming overwhelmed with the need for a much tougher clean. 

Most businesses should be creating a cleaning schedule, regardless of how many employees there are or how big the premises are. Cleaning tasks will normally be undertaken in most, if not, all areas of the premises. 

Tasks will include things like dusting to avoid large build-ups and this will typically be on areas like desks, computers, windows and window frames, and doors and door frames. 

Areas that have a large number of people frequenting it will undoubtedly have the risk of much more dust building up and that’s why it is so important to get and keep to a good and regular cleaning schedule. 

Not only dust, more people, and more traffic means that the likelihood of germs being spread is increased. Germs and viruses can spread through droplets landing on areas or by people touching things etc. 

It goes without saying that these germs and viruses can be detrimental to employees, customers, and visitors’ health – so it is indeed vital that commercial premises continue with a general clean. 

When creating a cleaning schedule, it will come down to your business. Many premises will opt to have a cleaning service come in out of hours, often twice a day. Once first thing in the morning, and lastly after closing. 

However, this schedule will change depending on the operating hours of the business and the business needs. 

What Is The Point Of A General Clean?

A general cleaning ensures that you do not fall behind with cleanliness and tidiness. It not only makes the business appear much cleaner and tidier, which is a positive image to reflect – both for employees’ work ethic and customers, but it is vital to health and safety. 

Under Australia’s Work, Health and Safety Act – it is a requirement to ensure that the premises are safe and adequate for employees. If somebody came for an inspection and your place is not up to code, it’s possible to have your premises suspended until improvements are undertaken. 

Not only should employers adhere to general cleaning measures for legal reasons – but for moral ones. Cleaning regularly by doing things like dusting and removal of waste can prevent critters and other pests from setting up their new home in your office. Nobody wants that and it’s very dangerous if they do. 

Additionally, if you do end up with a pest problem – that can prove to be more costly than a cleaning service. Moreover, if an employee does get sick or injured as a result – that’s a legal issue that could become drastically expensive! 

Reducing the risk of the spread of germs is more important than ever too. Ensuring you have clean desks, seating areas, waste disposal areas, and toilet facilities is possibly the best way to remain safe. 

What Is A Deep Clean?

A deep clean is a much more intimate and vast cleaning service. Businesses such as offices require a deep clean normally at least once a year. This will be required much more frequently if you do not keep up and stick with a good general cleaning schedule. 

However, even if you do stick with a good general clean system – it’s likely that dust, grime, and dirt will pile up in the very hard-to-reach areas – and so to avoid pathogens, pests, and other negative influences – a deep clean will definitely be required. 

Due to the nature of this cleaning, you’ll want to be sure that you’re hiring experienced commercial cleaners who know exactly what they’re doing and can ensure the areas are 100% cleansed and tidied. 

Deep Cleaning Services Can Include the Following Elements:

  • General cleaning
  • Steam carpet clean 
  • Window cleaning inside and out 
  • Cleaning the walls 
  • Sanitizing and cleaning air vents 
  • Cleaning kitchen areas including appliances and ovens 
  • Graffiti removal, if applicable 
  • Deep clean of all furniture and upholstery 

These services are normally included but not limited to. The needs of a business may require extra tasks which will also normally be included. 

What’s The Point Of A Deep Clean?

Deep cleans are a way to ensure that your business does not have any hidden dirt, dust, germs, pathogens, viruses, or other problems building up and causing potential health hazards. 

Additionally, if areas like carpets – even if they are vacuumed regularly – are left uncleaned or not replaced in many years, they can begin to emit smells that are unpleasant. Unpleasant smells can cause workers to lose morale and potentially feel sick and even vomit – furthering your problems. 

Deep cleaning can also prolong the life of the building that you are in. When situations arise such as rot, mold, rust, and dampness – they can cause irreparable damage to the area and may end up costing the business much more overall to move to a different location. 

As with general cleaning, a deep clean will significantly reduce the risks of illnesses spreading through the office, which causes headaches (literally and metaphorically) to the business. 

In short, deep cleaning at least once a year will benefit the business financially, legally, and morally. 

Preparing For A General Or Deep Clean 

Preparing for general cleaning is pretty simple. Ensuring that you have set up a regular cleaning schedule and that your business is easily accessible are the most important things you can do.

Helping out the commercial cleaning staff by ensuring chairs are tucked away or placed on top of desks, depending on the type of chair, can significantly help.

If you’re hiring new commercial cleaners, it may be wise to show them around the premises for things such as light switches or emergency exits. 

Preparing for a deep clean may take a little more than this. Depending on your needs and what has been agreed upon, you may need to ensure access to certain areas is freely available. Creating a plan for this with your employees which you can put into an annual handbook is a good idea. 

It’s always a good idea to speak with the commercial cleaners and discuss your needs and agree upon a plan that can benefit both parties. 


A general clean is a basic and everyday type of cleaning service that you should have regularly, whereas a deep clean is a much closer and more vigorous cleaning service that is normally required every year.

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