How To Clean Ceiling Fans?

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While living in a warm country can have its benefits, there’s no denying that excessive hot weather can also cause great discomfort. Because of this, many homes are installed with ceiling fans to combat the heat, which can be used to make cooling breezes. 

However, this does not mean that ceiling fans do not come with their setbacks, as the blades will collect a lot of dust over time. In fact, some ceiling fans can even become greasy, depending on which room they are located in. 

And while cleaning your ceiling fans may seem like a simple task, it can prove much harder than you might think. So if you want to know how you can clean your ceiling fans without fuss, then you have come to the right place. 

In the following article, we are going to teach you how to clean your ceiling fans using products found in your home. We have also decided to showcase other methods that can be used to keep your fan blades sparkling clean. 

So if you want your ceiling fans to shine, this article has everything you need to clean your ceiling fans, which is what commercial cleaners do.

How To Clean Dusty Ceiling Fans?

When it comes to cleaning ceiling fans, it is recommended that you clean the blades once every two to three months, or as soon as you notice dust building up on the mechanism.

It is also advisable to clean the fans each spring and fall, as you will need to change the direction of the blades for the summer and winter seasons. 

In the following instructions, we have outlined one of the best methods to clean your ceiling fans, which can be executed using common products found in your home. 

So without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can clean your ceiling fans without making a mess: 

What You Will Need 

  • Step stool (ladder) 
  • Old pillowcase 
  • Mild all-purpose cleaner 
  • Microfiber cloth 
  • Warm and soapy water 
  • Can of compressed air 

Step One: Dust The Fan Blades 

To begin the cleaning process, turn off the ceiling fan and place a step ladder underneath it until you can reach the blades. 

Spray the inside of an old pillowcase with a mild all-purpose cleaner, or make your own homemade solution from water and white vinegar. Once you have done this, you can slip the pillowcase over one of the blades and pull it to remove the dust and debris. 

Repeat this process until the other blades are clean. If needed, you can run a microfiber cloth along the edge of each blade to remove excess dirt. 

Once you have finished, take the pillowcase outside and turn it inside out to get rid of the dust. Then you can place it in the washing machine and launder it as needed. 

Step Two: Wash The Light Globes 

To clean light globes, you will need to turn off the electricity and make sure that the glass is completely cool. 

When you have done this, you can take a microfiber cloth and use it to wipe down the lightbulbs to remove the dust. If your ceiling fan has glass globes around the bulbs, these will need to be removed once the dusting has been completed. 

Detach the globes and wash them in a container of warm and soapy water before drying them thoroughly with a clean towel. 

Once the globes have been dried, attach them back to the ceiling fan and turn the electricity back on. 

Step Three: Clean The Fan Motor 

For the final step of the cleaning process, you will need to clean the fan’s pull chain and motor. 

This can be executed by using a microfiber cloth to wipe down the mechanism and remove the dust. It is also possible to take a can of compressed air and spray it inside the motor, which will help to remove unwanted debris. 

Once the motor and pull chain have been cleaned, check to make sure that the fan blades are running in the correct direction (clockwise for winter and counter-clockwise for summer). 

If the blades are not working properly you can adjust the settings as needed until they are correct. 

How To Clean High Ceiling Fans? 

If you live in a home with tall or vaulted ceilings, then you might find cleaning your ceiling fans to be a much more complicated task. 

Fortunately, this does not mean that the task is impossible, as it can be done safely using the method we previously discussed. Just place a tall ladder beneath the blades of the fan and use the pillowcase method to remove the dust. 

However, if you are still unable to reach the fan in a safe and controlled manner, it is also possible to purchase extendable dusters that can complete the job for you. 

The only issue is that using these dusters can cause dirt and debris to fall down into the room, which means you will need to cover the furniture with an old sheet and always have a vacuum cleaner available close by. 

How To Clean Greasy Ceilings Fans?

Depending on which room they are in, it is also possible for ceiling fans to become caked with grease, which can make them harder to clean.

So to help combat this problem, we have decided to showcase one of our favourite methods for removing grease from your ceiling fans. In the following instructions, we have outlined the cleaning process and the various materials you will need to complete the task: 

What You Will Need 

  • Step stool (ladder)
  • Baby wipes 
  • Degreaser or odourless mineral spirit 
  • Old sheet 

Step One: Secure The Room 

Before you can begin cleaning the ceiling fan, you will need to place an old sheet on the floor. 

Once you have done this, you can take your step ladder and position it underneath the fan until you can reach the blades without issue. 

When this has been completed, you can begin the cleaning process by using the following steps. 

Step Two: Wipe Down The Fan 

If the ceiling fan is dirty but not greasy, you can use baby wipes to clean the blades and remove unwanted debris.

For the best results, we recommend that you start at the canopy and work your way down to the download and the motor housing. 

Step Three: Degrease The Fan 

However, if the fan is greasy, you can pour a small amount of the degreaser or mineral spirit onto a baby wipe and use it to wipe down the blades. 

Alternatively, it is also possible to use the product in conjunction with a damp cloth, although the cloth must not be drenched or sopping. 

Step Four: Clean The Fan Blades 

Continue to clean the fan blades from top to bottom, while making sure to take your time to wipe away the dirt. 

If you are using the mineral spirit, you will need to be careful and remain vigilant, as this product could damage the design of the fan or the silkscreens on the blades. 

Step Five: The Finishing Touches 

Once the fan has been cleaned, take the dirty baby wipes and throw them in the trash. Then you can remove the sheet from the floor and take it outside. 

Make sure to remove all dirt and debris before taking the sheet back inside the house and washing it in warm water. 

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Final Thoughts 

While cleaning ceiling fans is not a simple process, it can be done in a safe and measured way using products found in your home. 

Of course, there are countless methods that can be used to clean your ceiling fans, although we found the ones mentioned above to be some of the best. 

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