What Does a Professional Strata Cleaning Checklist Include?

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A cleaning checklist is a list of tasks that a cleaner or cleaning team is expected to perform when venturing on a cleaning job. It is like a plan to guide the cleaners to ensure they complete every task and do not miss anything.

Strata cleaning, as you may know, is an Australian concept that refers to cleaning strata or subdivided buildings, i.e. properties that are occupied and used by multiple people or entities at the same time. A commercial complex like a mall or a residential complex like an apartment building would be some examples of strata.

Now, strata cleaning generally refers to cleaning only the common areas of a subdivided property. This is because other private areas of the building such as shops or individual offices would be managed by their respective tenants, who would be responsible for their cleaning and maintenance.

However, common areas such as hallways, corridors, common restrooms, stairways, etc. are used by all tenants and therefore the responsibility to manage, clean & maintain these common areas of strata fall on the building owner or committee (or society in case of residential apartments).

Why Professional Strata Cleaning Is Needed

In case you’re wondering, cleaning a subdivided building is as important as cleaning any other type of property, even more so if the building is being used for commercial purposes because the average foot traffic per day will be much higher.

Cleaning a commercial property is important not just to maintain the appearance and value of the building but also to reduce germs and pathogens that can impact the health of tenants & visitors.

In other words, your strata building will, over time, accumulate a lot of dirt, debris and germs, which will eventually reduce the appeal of your building and might turn off any potential tenants. Moreover, uncleanliness in the common areas of the building might force your existing tenants to bid farewell for good.

There are professionals who provide strata cleaning services for a living. They are generally the best choice for strata cleaning & maintenance because these individuals have good experience in and skills & resources for quick and efficient cleaning of large, subdivided buildings. They can do it more effectively and in less time than any average cleaner, saving you both time and money in the long run.

What Are the Common Places to Clean in a Strata Property?

Before we start talking about the strata cleaning checklist or everything that a strata cleaner is supposed to do, let’s first get an idea of the various common places in a subdivided building.

As we mentioned before, strata cleaning generally involves cleaning and maintaining only common areas of a large, shared building. So, what are these common areas of strata?

Well, any area or space in a strata building that is shared by all tenants and is not under the control of any one tenant is a common area. Examples may include gardens, parking lots, stairways, elevators, gyms, swimming pools, public restrooms, public phones, corridors, hallways, committee rooms, etc.

Cleaning common areas of a property is the responsibility of the building committee or all tenants collectively. They can hire a professional strata cleaning company like Clean Group.

Strata Property Cleaning – How It Works

To ensure the desired cleaning results and meet the goals when cleaning a strata building, a meticulously curated cleaning plan is the first thing you’d need. Here’s everything a typical strata cleaning job comprises of:

Analysing Your Cleaning Requirements

Of course, you must be aware of your cleaning needs, expectations and goals before you can go out to hire a cleaning agency. It starts with an assessment of your entire building to analyse the area to be cleaned and the type & level of cleaning required, identifying any damage to the property, and preparing a list of priorities (or things that need to be taken care of first).

The initial assessment will also help you decide the number of cleaners and the types of cleaning products & equipment you might need for the strata cleaning job.

Based on your findings, you’ll also need to decide whether you need professional strata cleaners or can manage with regular janitorial services. Lastly, you’d need to have a general idea of how much time it will take to clean the entire property (common areas).

We understand that not all property owners or building committees are equipped with resources or have the time to do this initial analysis on their own.

Thankfully, we at Clean Group offer a free on-site inspection & quote for all our strata cleaning projects. All you have to do is contact us to set up an appointment and our team will take care of the rest.

Hiring the Best Strata Cleaning Team

Finding the right strata cleaning services that fit perfectly with your requirements and budget can be more difficult than you might think. There are so many cleaning companies out there that making the right choice can be overwhelming for practically anyone. But, worry out. This simple guide to finding the right strata cleaning company in Sydney is here to assist you. Just follow these steps:

  • Ask your family, friends & colleagues for recommendations for a good strata cleaning company that they have personally tried and liked.
  • Search online for top strata cleaning providers in your area.
  • Check the website of individual companies, look for their projects & portfolios.
  • Analyse their strata cleaning experience based on their time in the industry and the number & type of their previous projects.
  • Contact the cleaning company and ask questions related to their experience, team, insurance, safety, contract, price, etc.
  • Ask for free quotations from multiple cleaning companies.
  • Ask about the type of equipment and cleaning supplies they use. Many modern cleaning companies use green cleaning products to minimise their environmental footprint.

Compare different cleaning services based on factors such as cleaning quality, cost, cleaner experience, professionalism, market reputation, etc. to figure out your perfect fit.

Strata Cleaning & Maintenance Procedure

Even after you hire the best strata cleaning in town, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind to ensure safe & quality-driven cleaning results for your facility.

To start with, check the credentials, including identity cards, insurance & other documents of cleaners who visit your place, before allowing them entry to your property. Check the supplies cleaners bring along with them and make sure that they are free of toxic chemicals.

Check if they are on time and make sure to record attendance if you are paying them by hour. Once the cleaning is done, be sure to inspect everything and all places to ensure no spots are missed. If you find anything, report immediately so that cleaners can take care of it.

Strata Cleaning Checklist by Clean Group

Here’s our comprehensive strata cleaning checklist that professionals at Clean Group follow when providing cleaning services to a subdivided building:

* This is not a hard-and-fast list of our cleaning services, but more of a general outline to guide our team to provide the best possible strata cleaning & maintenance services and not miss anything. We can, of course, make changes to this checklist to make it suitable to your particular strata cleaning needs & goals. Contact us to know more.

  • Surface level cleaning all the hard surfaces in the common areas including entrances, hallways, gardens, parks, pool structures, and other common structures
  • Decluttering in places where it is needed
  • Removing trash, picking up of litter, disposing of the garbage, and replacing liners
  • Sweeping, dusting, vacuuming & mopping floors 
  • Window cleaning, dusting & disinfecting
  • Carpet cleaning and stain removal
  • Buffing hard floors to remove stubborn stains
  • Common kitchens cleaning, disinfection & sanitization
  • Cleaning & maintaining gardens, removing weeds
  • Removing grease, oil & other stains from the parking lots and outdoor areas
  • Cleaning & disinfecting common restrooms
  • Disinfecting high touch points including handrails, switch boards, elevator buttons, water taps, door handles, flush handles, etc
  • Deep cleaning or pressure washing hard floors, parking lots, etc. as required
  • Reorganising items back to their designated places and tidying up as necessary

Why Is Clean Group Strata Cleaning Company Sydney Perfect for You?

Clean Group is a professional commercial cleaning company specialising in the cleaning & maintenance of large commercial & residential strata buildings all over Sydney NSW.

Our team has 50+ full-time, trained cleaners who can help clean and upkeep every kind of commercial building, large or small, everywhere in and around the Sydney centre. Here’s everything you get when hiring strata cleaning services from Clean Group Sydney.

Low pricing: We offer the most competitive pricing for excellent quality strata cleaning services in the industry.

Free quotes: We offer a free on-site inspection, where our expert will visit your place to thoroughly inspect your property and analyse your cleaning requirement to offer a customised strata cleaning plan with quotation.

Experienced: Our strata cleaners come with years of experience, have deep understanding of this space and offer top-quality cleaning services in the best possible manner with guaranteed results.

Tailored to your needs: If you are looking for a strata cleaning company that can offer customised services to meet your particular expectations and cleaning goals, we’re the perfect match for you!

We bring our own supplies: We bring all types of cleaning equipment, supplies and tools that will be required to clean your strata spaces nicely & thoroughly, so you can just sit back & relax and have more time to grow your business.

Call Clean Group today for a free strata cleaning quote in Sydney.

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