How to Keep a Reception Area Clean and Tidy

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First impressions count, especially when people enter the reception area of an office or building. As it is the first place a client encounters when in the company or enterprise, keeping the Reception Area Clean and tidy is an activity that is continuous throughout the day.

The reception area can invite or deter a client from transacting with the office cleaning company. Therefore a company should invest in the outlook of the reception lobby.

Additionally, the reception also influences the mood of the employees as they get to work. Thus, the reception has to remain clean, tidy, and colour-coordinated.

The reception area creates a good impression by allowing the clients to have pleasant contact in person. Therefore, the receptionist should have a pleasant mood and all information required by the client.

Also, the furniture purchased for the reception area should be easy to clean, allowing the clients the chance to relax as they wait to speak to other workforce members or get services and goods.

The company should focus on adequate lighting that is pleasant to the eye and a sanitizing station or handwashing area where clients and employees can freshen up and tend to their hygiene before entering the premises. Tag along on ways to keep the Reception Area Clean and tidy!

Keeping the Space Clean

A clean reception area allows the company to manage clients better. Companies can maintain a clean space by hiring a cleaning company. The office cleaning company has staff that cleans the reception area professionally, leaving every part spotless.

Also, the company can conduct regular vacuum cleaning of the rugs and carpets in the reception area. In case of the spilling of drinks or food, the company should have a designated outsourced cleaning staff on-site to take care of such spillages.

Besides, the company should ensure that there are stylish bins that color coordinate with other colors of the reception area. They should be accessible to everyone coming into the reception, with the garbage bin having a clear label for easy identification.

The cleaner employed or contracted by the company should often empty the bins in the reception area to avoid garbage overspilling.

Also, the company should ensure that the furniture in the reception is in a perfect condition such that they are not torn and damaged.

If the enterprise provides magazines and other reading materials, the staff should check them to make sure they have fastened pages and are in good condition. Additionally, the company should ensure that the office has adequate aeration and circulation of air.

Keeping Safe and Do Not Block Any Doors

The reception area should not have items blocking the doors because it can lead to people having difficulty accessing certain areas. The company can achieve this objective by having an interior design to facilitate the organization of the reception.

Also, the company should only buy furniture that fits well in the reception area. For example, the reception desk should occupy most of the space but should not be too big to block doors.

Also, the company should consider reception chairs based on the available floor space. For instance, if they have minimal floor space, they should not purchase sofas because they can potentially block the doors.

Furthermore, the company should ensure that the doors open to facilitate easy access to other spaces. If the door opens inwards, they should organize the furniture to leave adequate space to allow easy opening of the door.

Also, the company should professionally arrange furniture to give enough room for the movement of people within the reception. Additionally, the company should purchase durable furniture for the reception space.

For instance, once the table breaks or gets damaged, the office should replace the item promptly to avoid accidents. Also, for the décor, the company should focus on objects that cannot injure the clients who pass through the reception area.

The Sydney office cleaning company should only purchase simple but elegant furniture, paintings, and other decorations to avoid the space looking busy. The company should replace old carpets and rugs often to keep the reception area tidy and intelligent.

Tidying It up

The reception area ought to remain tidy all the time because clients stream in even at the eleventh hour. Therefore the company can maintain the tidiness of the reception area by organizing the files, papers, mail, and magazines well to avoid clutter.

For example, the receptionist should keep all stationery used at the reception desk in drawers and other stationery organizing tools.

Also, the receptionist should sort materials coming into the office to ensure that they do not spread all over. Sorting trays should come in handy to organize pending and already completed tasks.

Further, the furniture, particularly the seating, should always be arranged back to its original position even after clients may have moved them. The receptionist should oversee that the reception furniture and layout remain in order.

If the company supplies annual reports or monthly magazines, the receptionist should organize them and remove outdated materials.

The receptionist should prioritize the clients arriving and give them the correct information or directions to ensure that they do not overcrowd the reception area.

Sanitizing the Place

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the reception area, with most clients shying away from going to a physical office because they fear they can contract the virus.

Therefore in these unprecedented times, the reception area plays a significant role in ensuring that the clients and the employees feel safe.

For instance, for the reception to remain sanitized, cleaning should occur at regular and short intervals. In addition, the company should provide the cleaners with all items they require to keep the office sanitized.

Additionally, the company’s reception area should alter the arrangement of the lobby seats to promote social distancing among clients visiting the office.

The people approaching the reception desk should first sanitize at the entry points. Also, after one person handles a cleanable object such as a pen, the receptionist should sanitize it before another person gets to use it. Also, the office should ensure the sanitization of the seats, desks, and doorknobs regularly.

If the office closes for a weekend, the company can contract a fumigation company to fumigate the rooms.

Finally, the company should provide water and soap or hand sanitiser at every access point to regularly wash their hands.

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