Top 5 Reasons Why Our Cleaning Contracts Are the Best for You

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Keeping your workplace clean is vital for the safety and health of your office staff, suppliers, and clients. Unhygienic work environments can increase the number of sick days taken by your employees, negatively affecting their productivity.

Hence, you must find a Contract cleaning service or that helps you maintain high-quality sanitary standards on your premises and falls within your budget.

Contract cleaning services are considered one of the best investments a business can make. This article will show you why it is crucial for you and your company to hire Contract cleaning services at the Cleaning Group (CLEANA) Commercial.

Cleaning Services Offered at the Cleaning Group

Our highly trained cleaners from our Cleaning Group offices can provide you with the following highly reliable commercial cleaning services:

  1. One-Time Cleaning: If you are looking for a one-off cleaning service, the Cleaning Group is your go-to cleaning company. We offer a high-quality cleaning experience that will leave your premises sparkling clean, all at very affordable prices.
  2. Routine or Regular Cleaning: Our highly skilled cleaners will provide you with affordable routine cleaning services on- any of your commercial premises on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly basis. All you have to do is sign a contract indicating the regularity of cleaning.
  3. End of Rental Agreement Cleaning: If you are looking to move out of a property but it is poorly maintained, reach out to us. We will ensure the premises are in great shape through our effective cleaning services before the final inspection, ensuring you don’t lose your security deposit.
  4. Relocation Cleaning: With our expert office cleaners, we guarantee all our clients moving in or out of their offices a range of effective and safe cleaning services. We will fully satisfy your cleaning needs and assist you in preparing your new office for launching or leaving your old office in excellent condition.
  5. Post-Construction Cleaning: Our services also include top-quality deep building cleaning for your newly constructed building. We are familiar with the all-too-stubborn stains caused by building and can eliminate them, making the building ready for you to move in.
  6. Disinfection Cleaning: This option is our recently included cleaning service that involves sanitizing and disinfection services. The main aim of this service is to ensure your place is free from all viruses and hence, limit the spread of harmful infections such as the Covid-19 virus.

Benefits of Taking Out a Contract Cleaning Services with the Cleaning Group

Your office staff may be good at handling small office cleaning tasks. However, they lack the experience and skills required for the large-scale cleaning that most workplaces require. If you want your office in its best condition, you need to hire professional cleaners. Here are some benefits you will enjoy from signing a contract with the Cleaning Group (CLEANA).

  • Fewer Disputes: Tension among office staff is inevitable when employers frequently ask their employees to perform office cleaning tasks not included in their job descriptions. By hiring professional cleaners at the Cleaning Group, you allow your staff to focus on their duties while we provide you with satisfactory cleaning standards.
  • Improved Productivity: Dirty and unhygienic workspaces negatively affect the productivity of your staff and can lead to conflict among your employees. Hiring our professional cleaners ensures your team has a clean and healthy workspace to maintain high productivity. Consequently, you can generate more revenue due to your employees’ ability to completely and comfortably carry out cognitive work tasks.
  • Improved Employee Health: Due to the recent emergence of COVID-19, keeping your office clean is crucial for the people’s health on your premises. Especially employees who work for long hours in overcrowded offices are significantly exposed to the spread of harmful viruses, germs, and bacteria. Fortunately, our professional cleaners have sufficient health knowledge and skills to reduce the spread of harmful illnesses.
  • Reduced Risk of Slip and Falls: Our professional cleaners are thoroughly trained with the best health and safety cleaning procedures, including ensuring that fire escapes are accessible at all times. We also use specialized cleaning techniques that ensure your floors dry fast and your employees and customers are not exposed to the risk of a slip and fall. Ultimately, this keeps everyone safe and protects you from lawsuits. Moreover, our professional cleaners are taught to prevent hazards like cross-contamination incidents that result from incorrectly storing cleaning chemicals.
  • Positive Reputation: Clean offices certainly create an excellent first impression on new clients. However, dirty and unhygienic offices generate an image of neglect, fostering fear among your clients that you might also neglect their needs. To avoid losing your business’ revenue or any of your clients, you should hire our professional cleaners at the Cleaning Group offices.

Why Should You Consider Our Commercial Cleaning Services?

Through our highly-trained cleaning professionals, we guarantee you exceptional and effective cleaning results, which we achieve through the following innovative cloning techniques:

  • Electrostatic Spray Disinfection: Using the certified hospital-grade electrostatic spray disinfection cleaning technique, we can eliminate up to 99.9 per cent of germs and harmful bacteria.
  • Deep Cleaning: Our in-depth commercial cleaning services ensure your complete health and safety on any of your commercial premises.
  • High-traffic Disinfection: High-traffic areas are a hotspot for germs. We understand this and use disinfection techniques to rid your premises of any contaminants found on frequently touched surfaces.
  • Emergency Cleaning: Our professional cleaners work on a 24-hr basis. Hence, they are conveniently available to all our clients who might require cleaning services past usual working hours.

Contact the Cleaning Group Today

Are you a land, office, or property owner searching for reliable cleaning services for your newly constructed or renovated property? Does your healthcare centre require hygienic and safe janitorial services?

Are you a tenant looking to maintain your security deposit? If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact the Cleaning Group today.

With over two decades of experience providing high-quality cleaning services to various offices, warehouses, and other commercial institutions across the country, we guarantee our client’s satisfactory cleaning results for all kinds of cleaning tasks. Get in touch with us, and we will provide you with a free quote.

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