List of Cleaning Services We Offer In Sydney

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Are you tired of receiving a mediocre cleaning job every time you assign the task to your staff, or the cleaners you have hired don’t meet your expectations? Does office cleaning in Sydney charge a high rate, but doesn’t provide efficient work?

Well, it’s time that you hired a professional cleaning company like ours. At CLEANA, we are committed to providing quality service to all our Sydney customers and other areas.

We are considered to be the best commercial cleaning company in Australia because we meet the needs of corporate premises or offices of any type or size.

Also, our cleaning team is police-verified, trained, experienced, and fully insured, so you will receive guaranteed service.

Wondering what types of cleaning jobs you can assign to CLEANA? Keep reading to know the list of cleaning services we offer.

Workplace Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services is one of the popular services we provide, since most business owners want their offices to be safe, presentable, and welcoming to employees and customers.

While the cleaning needs may vary from one office to another (and we can always customize the services), there are common tasks that most of our clients require.

This list of cleaning services includes carpet care, upholstery care, air vent dusting, dusting the entire office surfaces, kitchen cleaning, and toilet cleaning. We clean the hallways, corridors, and the outdoor area as well.

From the moment workers, customers, and visitors get to the premises, they will find the entire area is clean, dust and dirt-free, and sanitized. The air will also be clean, so no chances of allergy issues.

Warehouse Cleaning Services

Most companies rely on their warehouses to store raw materials and finished products. Others even manufacture their products from this space, leading to the accumulation of debris and other forms of dirt.

Stored items also accumulate dust fast, and keeping the floor clean can be challenging, due to high traffic. Our cleaners understand the various Warehouse cleaning requirements of a warehouse and will follow the code of conduct the authorities have put in place.

They will remove dust, debris, and dirt on all surfaces and ensure minimal interruption to your work. Other services include pressure washing the floor, bond cleaning, stripping and sealing the flooring, and facilitating proper recycling disposal of the piles of cartons and boxes.

Church Cleaning Services

Places of worship are high-traffic areas, mainly when there’s a mass, funeral, wedding, or other religious events. Due to the high traffic, maintaining a clean church between the regular mass schedules or events can be complicated, even if some congregation members opt to help.

At CLEANA, we understand the importance of keeping the church as clean as possible. We will provide a high dusting service to remove dust, webs, and dirt on the high walls, and wash the windows on the inside and outside.

We also wipe every piece of furniture, like the tables, benches, and alter, so the priest and churchgoers find the area spotless. We clean the private prayer rooms too.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets and rugs always accumulate dirt and dust fast. This is an ideal breeding ground for allergens, germs, and bacteria, making it easy for building occupants to have allergy issues or get sick.

Choosing to hire professionals, like CLEANA, will ensure the carpet and rugs are kept clean throughout. This will prevent illnesses and increase the lifespan of the carpet to give you value.

Don’t assume that vacuuming the carpet every day is enough. You still need to invest in professional carpet cleaning services to eliminate the stubborn stains and dirt that hide deep into the fibers. The list of cleaning services we offer is shampooing, steam cleaning, and carpet drying.

Childcare Cleaning Services

If you are privileged enough to take care of little ones when their parents are away, it’s vital to ensure they stay in a clean and safe environment all day.

Accomplishing this on your own can be a challenge because you have to give your full attention to the children.

It’s better to assign the work to a cleaning company that can meet the sensitive requirements of daycare facilities. Our company understands that childcare Cleaning facilities prioritize the health and safety of the children, and that’s why we are dedicated to providing quality service.

Some tasks we perform include cleaning the carpet, floor, walls, ceiling, windows, doors, and upholstery. We also clean the kitchen and toilet area, as well as the verandas.

Medical Cleaning Services

Unlike other forms of cleaning, this task needs to be done keenly, as it involves medical Cleaning facilities. If such a facility isn’t sanitized correctly, patients cannot heal as fast as they need to.

Our team of cleaners understands this, and that’s why they ensure the facility is cleaned before patients come in. We handle the cleaning of the reception area, examination rooms, doctor’s offices, and toilets.

Other additional tasks include ensuring the walls, ceiling, windows, and blinds are dust-free. Chairs and beds are also cleaned to eliminate germs and allergens.

Strata Cleaning Services

Many potential homeowners, real estate agents, unit owners, and homeowners today are choosing to hire commercial cleaners to maintain sanitation in their properties. You can join the list too, and enjoy the exceptional service our company provides.

We ensure common areas such as hallways, offices, shared toilets, reception areas, and lifts are clean and clutter-free. We also help with garbage collection, dusting windows, frames, and walls, and organizing the reception area.

Gym Cleaning Services

No one wants to visit a dirty gym every day, and while it is normal to sweat, the gym should always be clean. Hiring professionals like us will ensure your clients find everything clean and fresh – no dust, sweat marks, or chalk.

We offer the best gym help by cleaning the mirror and all gym equipment after each session, keeping the bathroom and toilet fresh and clean, and ensuring mats and carpets are spotless. This will help you retain customers for longer and keep them healthy, hence improving your revenue.

As you can see, we offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services that come at a reasonable rate. Whether you need standard or customized service, be sure to contact us, and we will discuss your requirements and send our seasoned professionals right away.

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