Top 5 House Cleaning Tips That Make Life Easier

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Everyone loves to stay in a clean house or place, but the majority hate the cleaning process. Most people don’t know where to begin. Deep Covid cleaning and tidying up have significant differences.

Making your bed and loading the dishwasher are simple tasks that you can do after a long day to make your house more presentable. However, you need to put more effort into it if you want the entire house to be clean and shiny.

The idea of dealing with every stubborn stain can be overwhelming, so we’ve included five easy cleaning tips below that you can do anywhere.

1. Clear The Clutter

Before you start the cleaning process, go to every room and pick up clutter. Begin with a less frequented space to get an immediate reward that will help you stay motivated.

Grab a huge garbage bag and start in one room of the house. When picking up each item, decide which ones need to remain and which need to be tossed away.

Consider investing in boxes and baskets of different sizes. They are ideal for things that pile up like toys, magazines, and books. Pick a marker and label each box. It will be easy to know which items are for keeps and which are for sale or charity.

Get rid of donation items as soon as possible. You don’t want to keep the boxes in the garage or your basement for many months. After some time, people will start digging through, and the clutter will come back.

Alternatively, if you want to hold a garage sale, do so right away. Set a specific deadline for each area to finish de-cluttering.

2. Gather All Your Cleaning Products

For easier cleaning and perfect House Cleaning Tips, you’ll need a home cleaning kit. A good cleaning kit needs to be easily transportable, organized, and practical. It should also contain all the essential cleaning products and tools for effective cleaning results.

You should perform both small and large tasks, without frustration, to achieve great results and save time. The necessary cleaning products include all-purpose cleaners, wipes and sponges, glass and mirror cleaners, disinfectants, toothbrushes, floor cleaners, furniture polish, limescale remover, and bleach, among others.

Identify essential cleaning items, according to how big your house is and the number of items that need to be cleaned. If you want to be environmentally friendly, use green cleaning products.

It would help if you also had a vacuum. Upright vacuums are the best for larger homes. On the other hand, traditional vacuums have a flexible hose, which reaches more areas, and they are cheaper. There are also cordless vacuums, which are convenient, but not as effective as the other two.

Remember also to have a good bucket and a mop. Use a clean mop and a vacuum without a full bag to avoid spending a lot of time cleaning. Don’t forget to wash your cleaning tools and equipment after you are through with cleaning.

3. Begin With Bigger Tasks

The bathroom and kitchen are usually the dirtiest rooms. It is because cooking food and washing up takes place all the time in those rooms.

Cleaning is more effective when you take one task, such as vacuuming, mopping, or dusting, and perform that task in every room. You will not be in an endless cleaning cycle and will avoid doing the same task again.

Allocate half an hour each for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and patio, and commit yourself to cleaning them thoroughly. Spray cleaner on the bathroom sinks, toilet, tubs, and kitchen sink. Wipe glass and mirrors with a damp microfiber cloth and then a dry cloth.

Remember to disinfect surface areas and countertops. Take your time to scrub the kitchen, and then clean the toilets last.

After completing the bigger tasks, you can move to the living room, bedroom, and dining area.

Ensure that you clean up high first to prevent dust from falling to the lower surfaces later. Sweep, then mop, starting from the furthest corner.

4. Clean As A Group

If you have a busy schedule and lack the time to clean your entire house by yourself, it means you need extra hands. Cleaning together is fun, and your home will be sparkling within no time.

Get your friends or family members involved in cleaning, so you can perform the task fast and effectively.

Schedule time in advance with everyone and assign tasks to every person. For those with children, give them the least demanding tasks.

It would be best if you let everyone pick a task that they would be comfortable doing. Pick a date when you are sure that everyone will be available.

If you don’t have friends or your family lives far away, you can always hire a commercial cleaning company. Ensure that they have a good reputation and the necessary experience.

Find out in advance about their cleaning practices to make sure that they are aligned with what you want.

5. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

It is not sensible to make a long list of House Cleaning Tips to do that you are sure you cannot complete. It usually leads to procrastination, because you get overwhelmed with where to start. It is essential to take breaks. It is not necessary to do the whole house every day.

Create a routine to prevent grime and dust from building up. You can do certain things to make cleaning easier, such as making your bed when you wake up, wiping down surfaces, spraying your shower with a cleaner after use, and folding away clean laundry.

You will leave enough room for complex cleaning projects, such as cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen, when you have enough time. Write down a checklist and put it where you can see it, like on the front of a fridge.

Tackle at least two items daily. When you divide cleaning sessions, it becomes less daunting to accomplish them.

It is easy to continue cleaning as you have always done. However, realizing that there are other efficient and quicker ways makes the process easier.

When cleaning, look at home maintenance items like faulty sinks that may result in water damage.

By following the above-listed cleaning tips, your entire house will be clean within a blink of an eye so that you can spend extra time doing other things. All you have to do is come up with a plan and stick to it.

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