A Guide To Business Kitchen Cleaning Procedures By CLEANA

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One of the most important aspects of running a business is guaranteeing it’s safe for all clients, and that’s particularly essential when it comes to restaurants. Cleaning commercial kitchens are crucial, which is why there are experts who can take care of it – from removing oil to disinfecting the smallest space, professionals can provide people with the best results. This guide describes the main areas they have to work in, along with the techniques and equipment they need to use.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment and Products Professionals Need

When someone hires professional commercial kitchen cleaning services, the experts require specific products to get the job done. If they don’t have all the cleaning chemicals and items they need, they might not be able to disinfect and sanitize all surfaces.

Here are some of the most used products:

  • A brush and a dustpan
  • A mop bucket
  • Cleaning gloves
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Specialised chemicals

Deep Cleaning Guide

Business owners, managers, and interested parties can hire a professional cleaning service. Experts can take care of the kitchen they want to sanitize and disinfect, and it’s a fantastic choice if they want to guarantee that everyone’s safety.

Commercial kitchen cleaning experts must follow specific steps to provide the customers with the best cleaning solutions. They cannot improvise – they have to ensure that what they do is perfect and allows the client to feel like they are content with the results. The following aspects are some of the factors they keep in mind to do their job:

Professional Commercial Kitchen Cleaning – Use of Colour Coding

Many commercial kitchen cleaning companies use the color-coding technique to manage the customers’ requirements. Hiring a dedicated team means the professionals care about the clients’ safety, so they would never use contaminated items.

Colour coding allows the cleaning service professionals to know which items are reusable and which are not. Thus, they can easily identify the ones they can use again, and which ones they have to discard to ensure excellent service.

Cleaning Certain Items

Professionals use different techniques depending on the item they’re cleaning. Taking care of ice machines is not the same as ensuring clean floors, towel dispensers, or removing grease, so they must use various methods.

Additionally, the frequency with which certain items must be cleaned varies. Fridges and freezers, for example, have to be disinfected once a month.

Cleaning Different Parts of a Kitchen

Each part of a commercial kitchen is unique, so experts who offer cleaning services ensure that they do their best job with all items and surfaces.

When someone hires a cleaning service, they want to avoid cross-contamination, food poisoning, and they want to pass the next health inspection. Fortunately, experts in restaurant cleaning are prepared for all of that.


Cleaning a commercial kitchen sink is one of the tasks with the utmost importance since the build-up of germs on the surface can put people’s safety at risk.

To take care of it, the professional cleaner team has to use disinfectant and other products, which help get rid of the dirt.


The dishwasher is another essential part of a commercial kitchen, and cleaners must eliminate the grime, stains, and leftover food. This item is one of the main tools to maintain the cleanliness of the utensils, so it’s very important to the overall hygiene of the place.

When professional cleaners take care of a restaurant kitchen, they want to ensure clients’ health. Thus, they inspect the dishwasher, use non-abrasive sponges, a multipurpose cleaner, and if you want, other environmentally-safe products to make sure the results are fantastic but don’t damage the Earth.

Hard Surfaces

Germs and bacteria can easily stem on hard surfaces, especially when there are cracks because excess water or crumbs can fall in there. Additionally, utensils can grow moisture or food debris as well, and that could also be a health hazard.

Commercial kitchen cleaning experts use their equipment to thoroughly inspect all surfaces while using the right tools, which include protecting gloves. It’s a time-consuming service, but it provides clients with guaranteed results.

Once they identify the grease, stains, and dirt on every surface, they can use sanitizing products and disinfectant spray. The team also wants to ensure they don’t damage the surfaces, so they usually vary the equipment they use and have specific methods to achieve that.


Cleaning the oven is also part of the job of professional cleaners. They have to focus on the stains and use specific cleaning products and equipment, for example, industrial-strength washing-up liquid.

In many cases, the oven is one of the items that take the longest to clean. Professionals must leave the formula act overnight to provide high-standard results, even if they use warm water and good products. Thus, clients must be patient and wait.


Cleaning the fridge is an essential service that commercial kitchen cleaning companies offer. In this case, the team has to empty the fridge and start searching for any spillages, which they remove with a non-abrasive scrub.

Multi-purpose cleaners or similar restaurant cleaning products are often the most effective to take care of fridges in commercial kitchens. Clients often have high-quality results, and if they want, the experts can use equipment that doesn’t harm the environment.


Although cleaning a commercial kitchen microwave seems like a straightforward task, to get high-quality results, professionals must pay attention to every step of the process.

Expert restaurant cleaners can take care of the walls of the microwave by using multi-purpose cleaning spray, another similar product, and then drying them with a dry cloth.

The microwave sounds like one of the items that’s easy to clean in a commercial kitchen, but that’s not the case. Sometimes, clients make the mistake of putting hazardous products inside in an attempt to sanitize them. Instead of doing that, they should hire professional services to take care of everything.


When customers hire cleaning services, they want high-quality results, which include clean walls and floors. Professionals must inspect every part of the commercial kitchen and use a mop to manage all the gaps between the appliances.

Moreover, expert cleaners have to take care of tricky corner spots and bathrooms, and those are usually the most challenging areas. In most cases, professionals start with the critical spots (such as the toilet) and leave the floors for last to ensure they don’t get dirty with fallen debris while they take care of the walls or other parts of the kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services with CLEANA

Hiring commercial kitchen cleaning services is a daunting task, especially if the client has never worked with a professional team before. They might want their business to be spotless, and they may be looking for a company that can give them high-quality results at an affordable price.

CLEANA offers professional services to maintain a restaurant completely clean. Customers can contact the company and start their process as soon as possible.

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Keynote Takeaways

Cleaning the kitchen is one of the most important parts of owning or managing a restaurant. When it’s not completely disinfected and sanitized, it may represent a health hazard. Nonetheless, CLEANA offers experienced experts that can handle customers’ needs and provide them with the best results.

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