How To Clean Air Conditioner Filter?

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In order for your air conditioning unit to work properly, you will need to ensure that the air filter has been properly cleaned. If a dirty air filter is in place in your air conditioning unit, then this could hamper the air quality in your room.

It will prevent the air conditioner from working properly. Regular cleaning will be essential for ensuring that your AC unit is able to do the proper job of filtrating the air in the room it’s installed in. But if you’ve never had to clean your air conditioner before, how are you meant to get started with cleaning your dirty filter?

Today, CLEANA a commercial cleaning company is going to show you everything that you need to know about cleaning your dirty filter so that your air conditioner can do its job properly.

It will also be key to know when your dirty filter needs to be cleaned, and when the filter needs to be replaced. Not every air conditioner will use reusable air filters.

Before you get started, you will need to know whether your air conditioner makes use of a reusable filter or if it uses disposable filters.

For easier cleaning, it will be worth opting for a washable filter to make your job more straightforward.

So let’s take a look at how to clean your air conditioner filter!

What Is The Best Way To Clean An Air Conditioner Filter?

As we have mentioned briefly above, you will first need to find out what type of filter you have in place in your air conditioner unit.

If your AC filter is one of the disposable filters, then you will need to remove this and replace it every 3 months to improve the air quality.

You can check what type of filter will be included in your AC unit by taking a look at the instruction manual.

If you have a reusable filter that is safe to be cleaned, then you can remove this from the AC unit ready for cleaning. Make sure to switch off the AC unit first, as you should never use this without an air filter in place.

It will be important to note that different styles of air conditioners will have filters in different parts of the machinery.

Once you have removed your filter, you can start cleaning it. Regular maintenance will be essential for keeping your filter in the best shape. First, you will need to use your vacuum to remove any debris and dust particles.

If you follow this step regularly, then you shouldn’t notice too much difference when you vacuum your filter. But rest assured that it is getting cleaned!

If you have vacuumed your AC filter and haven’t seen much difference in the removal of grime, or there are still lots of dust particles clogging up the filter, you will need to wash your filter using warm water.

This should then help to remove any grime that’s left over after you’ve gone over it with the vacuum. It will also be worth noting that you can only follow this step if your AC unit makes use of washable air filters.

The best way to rinse your AC filter will be to create a vinegar and water solution. Mix one part warm water with one part vinegar.

Make sure to place this mixture in a receptacle that will be large enough to accommodate your AC filter as you clean it. A wide sink or a bathtub will be ideal.

Place your filter in the solution and allow it to soak for around 1 hour. If your filter is particularly dirty, then it may need to be soaked for around 2 hours.

Next, allow the vinegar and water solution to drain, then dry your AC filter on a rack. You will need to ensure that it is fully dry before you put it back in your air conditioning unit.

Can I Clean My Air Conditioner Filter With Soap And Water?

how to clean air conditioner filters

Yes, you can alternatively clean your air conditioner filter by using a liquid detergent and water mixture. Make sure to avoid using any abrasive tools to clean your air filter though, such as brushes or bristles.

These can actually damage your AC filter, meaning you will have to replace it.

You can also use warm water from your shower or outside hose to clean your AC filter.

This will be the best way to get the grime off your AC filter. Make sure to keep using your hose or shower attachment until the water starts to run clean.

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter?

You will need to clean your AC filter at least every 1 to 2 months to ensure that the unit is able to improve your air quality efficiently. A clean filter will be essential for allowing your AC unit to do its job properly.

However, it will be worth noting that even if you take very good care of your AC filter, it will occasionally need to be replaced.

This is because the air filter will still incur the usual wear and tear, even if you look after it well. If your air conditioner filter is looking worse for wear when you clean it in a couple of months’ time, you will need to replace it.

What Happens If Your Air Conditioner Filter Isn’t Cleaned?

If you don’t clean your air conditioner filter, then the AC unit won’t be able to do its job properly. This will instead restrict the flow of air into your room, which can then cause it to build up inside the unit itself.

It might not sound like a big deal, but when the cold air causes ice to form on your air conditioner coils, then it will cause a much larger problem.

A dirty filter can also cause a buildup of allergens to be released into your room every time you switch the AC system on. There can even be cases of mold growing in the duct areas of your AC unit.

So regular maintenance of your air filter will be essential to ensure that it’s doing the job properly!

In Summary

So there you have it! You now know everything there is to know about cleaning your air conditioner filter. Firstly you will need to ensure that you have a reusable filter that is also washable.

If you have a disposable filter in place, then you can simply discard this and replace it as needed.

Cleaning your AC filter couldn’t be easier. All you will need to do is switch off your AC unit, remove the filter, and use your vacuum to clean up any dust particles.

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For particularly grimy dirty filters, you can use a vinegar and water solution to soak the filter. You can then rinse it out under your shower attachment, then allow it to completely dry before placing it back in your AC unit.

Remember that some filters will also need to be thrown away after a certain amount of time. Regular maintenance will also be key to keeping your AC filter in top shape.

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