Best Business Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuum cleaners designed for commercial or industrial purposes are built to be more powerful, more durable, and hold a greater amount of dirt than residential vacuum cleaners.

Commercial cleaning plays a big part in reflecting the image of a business, which is why it’s of utmost importance to own a high-quality vacuum.

There’s a variety on the market, though, so it can be a tricky decision to make.

The following articles will break down some of the best commercial vacuum cleaners available, as well as a buyer’s guide to commercial vacuum cleaners, and the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding commercial vacuum cleaners. 

Hoover Business Ch30000 Lightweight Canister Vacuum Cleaner With Attachments

With a built-in blower as well as the traditional vacuum, the Hoover Commercial Lightweight Canister Vacuum is designed for versatile cleaning.

It’s lightweight and compact, and the hose’s stretch allows for extended reach, making it easy to clean tight spaces, as well as drapes, walls, ceilings, and mini blinds.

The vacuum is black, weighs 8.3 pounds, it has a motor of 7.4 amps, and its dimensions are 18 x 11 x 7 inches.


  • Easy to clean tight spaces: Compact and lightweight, with this vacuum cleaner’s extendable hose you won’t be struggling to get into tight spots. 
  • Ideal for many surfaces: It’s a versatile vacuum, and should work well regardless of what you’re cleaning.


  • May not work as well on carpets: Some customers have reported that the suction isn’t quite good enough for carpets, but experiences vary. 

Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Another versatile and lightweight option, the Dyson Cyclone V10 features a digital motor and can be used for up to one hour before you’ll need to charge it.

This may not seem like long, but it certainly packs a punch, and the second suction mode allows for fade-free cleaning power for up to 20 minutes, via the vacuum’s direct-drive cleaner head. 

The bristles are stiff, and will effectively clean even the dirtiest carpet.

It’s built for even the finest dust and the deepest dirt. It can also quickly transform into a handheld vacuum, allowing you to clean anywhere else you might need to clean, like your home or your car.

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead vacuum cleaner weighs 5.05 pounds, and its dimensions are 9.84 x 10.16 x 48.86 inches.

It can be found on Amazon but is no longer sold on the Dyson official website. Dyson does directly sell some similar vacuum cleaners that use the same V10 digital motor, though, including the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute.


  • Designed for deep dirt and fine dust: The Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead can clean the dirtiest carpets or any other surface.
  • Easy to maneuver: It’s also lightweight and easy to use. 


  • Must be charged for 3.5 hours prior to first use: You won’t exactly be using it straight out of the box. 

U2000RB-1 Business, Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner From Oreck

Certainly one of the cheapest high-quality vacuum cleaners on the market, the U2000RB-1 features automatic floor adjustment, meaning it will change its settings on its own when you switch between hard surfaces and softer surfaces.

Its brush roll is powerful, and the vacuum has a cleaning path of 12 inches, which allows for speedy cleaning over small areas and large areas. 

The U2000RB-1 weighs roughly nine pounds, and its dimensions are 35 x 13 x 5.5 inches.


  • Automatic floor adjustment: Changing its settings automatically when you switch between different surfaces is a handy feature that most commercial vacuum cleaners don’t have. 
  • Weighs nine pounds: It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. 


  • Assembly required: You’ll need to set it up to use it, but it’s a fairly simple process. 

Shark NV501 Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

The Shark NV501 Rotator Professional vacuum cleaner comes with Anti-allergen Complete Seal technology which allows for cleaning that removes allergens, as well as dirt.

Its hose length is 8.4 feet, and it only weighs 15 pounds, so it’s relatively easy to maneuver compared to other upright vacuum cleaners. The machine also comes with premium pet tools, as well as some other cleaning accessories. 

You can adjust the suction power using the dial on the vacuum’s front. Its swivel steering allows for easy control when you’re cleaning in tight spaces or around pieces of furniture. 

The Shark NV501 Rotator vacuum weighs 15.5 pounds and its dimensions are 45.7 x 12.1 x 12.2 inches. 


  • Affordable: This is one of the cheapest commercial vacuum cleaners on the market, and you’re not really sacrificing any quality. 
  • Removes allergens: The Anti-allergen Complete Seal technology means that it’s removing allergens from surfaces, as well as dust and dirt.  


  • Warranty can be misleading: Some customers have expressed issues with the product’s warranty. 

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner

The McCulloch steam cleaner comes with a remarkable 23 accessories, including a mop, squeegee, and scrub pad. It can be used for the chemical-free cleaning of wood flooring, ceramic flooring, and any car or garage.

It’s a steam cleaner that heats up at an impressive rate, reaching 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and its 64-ounce tank allows for more than 1.5 hours of steam cleaning.

The steam pressure is adjustable, too, so you can change it depending on what you’re cleaning. Its portability is also impressive- the cord is 18 feet long, and the hose is 10 feet long. 


  • Comes with 23 accessories: You certainly won’t be short on extras. 
  • High portability: Its long cord and hose will allow you to clean large areas without having to move the machine much at all. 


  • Can be hard to find replacement parts: If a part of the machine breaks, you might struggle to acquire a replacement part from the manufacturer. 

SC679K Tradition Upright Vacuum From Sanitaire

While its design may be closest to traditional residential models, you shouldn’t underestimate the SC679K vacuum cleaner.

It’s designed to be durable, and even if parts break, it’s easy to acquire replacement parts. It can hold more than 4,500 square feet of dirt, and its cord is 30 feet long, meaning it’s perfect for large areas.

But it’s relatively lightweight, too, coming in at a little more than just 12 pounds. Its dimensions are 13.75 x 12.5 x 45 inches.

This easily transportable and effective vacuum cleaner is one of the cheapest on this list. It can be purchased with a three-shelf cart, with a cleaner, or a metal brush roll.


  • Large capacity shake-out bag: The 18-quart bag will allow for less interruptions while you’re cleaning.
  • Relatively lightweight: Always handy when vacuuming a large space doesn’t have to be a workout. 


  • Could be easier to empty the bag: Some customers report that it can be tricky to empty the bag, especially when it’s completely full. 

Proteam Proforce 1500xp Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner With Hepa Media Filtration

This ProTeam vacuum cleaner features a dual-motor system, designed to power both the brush roller and the suction motor.

The HEPA media filter also helps to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The cleaning path of this machine is 15 inches, which is wider than most vacuum cleaners.

It can clean most surfaces, including tiles, wood flooring, and carpets. It also features onboard storage for tools. 


  • HEPA Filter: If you’re worried about indoor air quality, you might want to consider this ProTeam machine for its HEPA media filter. There are other vacuum cleaners with similar technology, though.
  • 10 Amp + 924 Watt dual motor: The dual motor allows for maximum power, both in terms of suction and in terms of the brush roller. 


  • Can be tricky to unclog filters: Some customers have reported that when the filters of the machine get clogged, it can be difficult to clear them.

Buyer’s Guide To Business Vacuum Cleaners

There are a number of factors you should be considering when looking to buy a commercial or industrial vacuum cleaner. Here’s everything you should be looking for, or looking to avoid. 

The Type Of Vacuum Cleaner

Not all commercial vacuum cleaners are the same. Some of the differences are obvious- for example, if you’ll need to be cleaning up liquids, then you should be looking for a wet and dry machine.

If you’ll mostly be doing dry cleaning, a cylinder vacuum will usually be the right choice. Upright vacuum cleaners will be less convenient but tend to be the best bet when it comes to cleaning large areas quickly. 

The Suction

While the majority of commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners have more suction power than residential vacuum cleaners, it can vary, so it’s something to consider.

With more suction power it’ll be easier to get all if not most of the dirt and dust out of hard-to-clean surfaces like carpets, and you’ll also have an easier job with larger debris.

A higher wattage doesn’t necessarily mean better suction, though- if you’re unsure, you might want to check the customer reviews. 

The Durability 

When it comes to commercial cleaning, you’re going to want a machine with a long lifespan, especially if your business is going to be using the vacuum every single day. 

The Capacity 

The majority of residential vacuum cleaners have small capacities because they’re only really designed to clean, at most, a few rooms at once.

Cordless models often have canisters with volumes of under half a litre. Most commercial models will have canisters big enough to clean large areas, but it’s worth checking the listing anyway. 

The Noise Level 

Noise level obviously won’t be much of an issue if the machine’s only going to be used at night, but if you’re also buying a vacuum cleaner for use during the day, make sure you’re aware of the noise output before buying.

An example of a low noise output for a commercial vacuum cleaner would be around 64 decibels. 

Price Point 

You don’t need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on a commercial vacuum cleaner, but don’t go for one of the cheapest options either- these are usually more likely to have a lifespan under 20 years.

Most of the vacuum cleaners we listed cost several hundred dollars, while there are quality machines that cost less, you should probably be spending more than $100. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Business Vacuum Cleaners

How Long Do Commercial Vacuums Tend To Last?

If they’re properly used and maintained, most commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners can last for as long as 10 to 20 years. The majority will have an average of about 15 years. It will depend on the model in question, though. 

Shark models and Dyson models tend to have a shorter lifespan than other brands, usually not much longer than 10 years. Not that a decade is bad for a commercial vacuum cleaner- you’re just likely to find longer lifespans elsewhere. 

Do I Need A Bagged Vacuum Or A Bagless Vacuum?

Bagged vacuums will hold more dirt, and when you empty them less dust will be released into the air. This makes them a good option if your home is at risk of air quality issues.

Bagless vacuums, on the other hand, tend to be more affordable because you won’t need to keep buying new bags. 

HEPA filters are ideal, but they’ll need to be cleaned periodically and eventually replaced. Whether you buy a bagged vacuum or a bagless vacuum is really just down to personal preference. 

What Vacuum Cleaners Do Hotels Use?

Hotels will usually use upright vacuum cleaners because they tend to have the most suction power and are easy to maneuver.

They’re ideal when it comes to the general cleaning of hotel rooms, and they’re also a good option for restaurants because of their floor sweepers.

It would be rare that you’d find a residential vacuum cleaner within a hotel or restaurant. 

Why Might A Vacuum Cleaner Lose Suction Power?

The reason a vacuum loses power is usually that the filters are blocked. This problem might be solved by simply cleaning the filter, but you may have to replace it.

Another reason a vacuum might lose its suction power is that the vacuum hose itself has become blocked. If this occurs, you’ll need to remove all of the machine’s filters and clean them. 

Why Might A Vacuum Cleaner Break Down?

If a vacuum cleaner appears to have broken down entirely, it’s usually because of an open circuit electrical fault.

The majority of commercial vacuum cleaners will have a T.O.C. (Thermal Overload Cut-out), which is an internal electrical component.

This is designed to protect the vacuum’s motor by turning the machine off when it begins to overheat. 

This isn’t the only thing that can cause a vacuum cleaner to shut down; it could also be a fault in the mains flex, a faulty switch, a faulty motor, or a worn carbon brush. 

What’s The Difference Between A Dust Collector And A Shop Vac?

Shop vacs have high suction and a narrow hose, while dust collectors will have low suction and a wider hose. 

Dust collectors have more than one stage, wherein big particles will be separated from smaller particles. This helps to stop the motor from being clogged up with larger particles, thus making for a longer lifespan.

While dust collectors are stationary machines, shop vacs are more portable and can be moved around. They’re also somewhat better at spot cleaning, while dust collectors are more suited to dense materials and large volumes. 

What Makes A Vacuum Cleaner Smell?

There are a number of reasons why a vacuum cleaner might have an unpleasant smell. Often it’s as simple as an object that smells bad having been vacuumed into the machine, but unpleasant odors can also be caused by dampness.

Dampness can be a result of vacuuming too much liquid. If the liquid can’t dry, this can lead to an unpleasant smell, just like dampness anywhere else. 

This is something to be wary of when you’re washing your filters. If they’re not allowed to dry thoroughly, they may develop a smell that you won’t be able to remove, meaning you’d need to get the filters replaced. 

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Conclusion: Best Business Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to commercial cleaning, a traditional vacuum cleaner just isn’t going to do the job. If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that’s durable, powerful, and versatile, there should be something on our list for you.

It’s all about considering your own needs, but regardless of what exactly you’re looking for, we hope this article has made your decision a little bit easier.

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