5 Reasons To Choose CLEANA As Your COVID-19 Cleaning Company

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COVID-19 or coronavirus disease is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The disease is the cause of 45 lakh deaths and still counting. There are also rumours of a third wave and some new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the coming months. In these two years, the COVID-19 Cleaning Companies with their commercial cleaning services paved the way for businesses to continue their daily operations, and their role is getting bigger day by day.

For now, Covid-19 is looking like a never-ending pandemic, and in this situation, it becomes important that you as a business owner ensure that the cleanliness of your premises is always on point. Now, this would only be a possibility in Sydney with a suitable Covid-19 cleaning company and their regular services.

Now, when you start looking for a suitable COVID-19 cleaning company for your business, you will come across a ton of companies, because after the appearance of Covid-19 most of the cleaning companies started providing Covid-19 cleaning services on priority.

To find the most suitable Covid-19 cleaning company for cleaning all your cleaning needs, you will go through some of the top companies and their packages, pricing, and features. But to help you out, we are here with some valid reasons to choose CLEANA as your COVID-19 Cleaning Company in Sydney.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose CLEANA

Although there are various reasons to hire CLEANA for regular Covid-19 cleaning services, we would like to list a few of the main reasons to hire our company.

1. Wide Expertise

Proper disinfection cleaning procedures require expertise in this matter. Obviously, it will be more effective when a professional like CLEANA who has been doing this for over ten years will perform this.

Whether it is any special requirements or requests that you may have, during the cleaning, our professional cleaners will be ready to take care of them all at once without any hassle or argument.

It might seem like a very small thing but hiring another company only because the previous one was not able to meet some of your requirements can hurt you in many ways.

2. Years of Experience

This reason is crucial when you as a business owner want an impeccable COVID-19 cleaning for your business premises, which makes the complete premise completely relieved from the widespread deadly viruses, germs, or even contagious infection chains.

This is only possible when cleaners will have years of experience and practical expertise to handle a lot of diverse requirements from different industrial backgrounds.

Our cleaners have adequate expertise and also, and they undergo frequent training assessments to keep them up-to-date on the latest cleaning trends, techniques, guidelines, and updates.

3. Green Cleaning

Green Eco-friendly cleaning is a trending cleaning method that we at CLEANA have already included in our services portfolio years ago, much before then all the other players in the market.

Our company is highly focused on reducing our carbon footprints and so we always choose organic supplies carefully for our green cleaning jobs.

It is not all about the environment and our jobs, we care about customers and their health thus we encourage customers as well as our cleaners to prefer Green Cleaning over chemical cleaning.

When we provide services to healthcare properties like hospital cleaning or medical centre cleaning, where there is high foot traffic of patients with pre-existing diseases, we can’t add to their suffering by using chemical-cleaning supplies that are toxic in nature. These can potentially cause allergies, rashes, and other complications.

Therefore, we promote green cleaning in all our cleaning jobs. We understand that every supply that claims to be organic that you can find off-the-shelf can be authentic. We understand that and thus we only go for supplies that are EPA-approved or DfE-authorized.

4. Equipment and Knowledge

Cleaning may sound easy but it is not. Thus if you are thinking of hiring local people on the payroll for Covid-19 cleaning, then be prepared to put extra money, extra effort, and extra hours into making your premise completely free from germs, viruses, and other pathogens.

All supplies or equipment used for cleaning come at a hefty cost, especially during these pandemic periods. And the matter does not end here either.

If you are willing to have the best cleaning standard on your premises, then you have to continue spending every day on upgrades or updates that are coming to the market.

During this pandemic period, cleaners should also use safety and protection gear otherwise instead of making the premises virus-free they will help the virus to spread without knowing.

Cleaners need more protection gear like a PPE kit, gloves, sanitisers, face masks, and shields to stay protected. If you are hiring cleaners on the payroll then you will need more initial investment. On the other hand when you hire professionals then they will take care of everything on their own.

5. Trust and Cost

Companies with mostly positive reviews, history, and a clean track record also have the trust a business requires in this competitive world. However, companies with experience will have all the resources, supplies, experience, and knowledge. Thus, it is easy for them to arrange everything for a cleaning job and also keep the cost in control. 

Cost also gets reduced so that they don’t have to try things to provide better results, they already have the knowledge and experience and they just have to start cleaning. In this way, you as a business owner can save a lot of initial funds by hiring a professional cleaning company.

Thus, if you are looking for a professional covid-19 cleaner in Sydney, CLEANA is here for you. We are a reliable commercial covid-19 cleaning company in Sydney and have been providing dedicated Covid cleaning services to businesses located in and around Sydney.

The company has all the top-of-the-line resources, along with a well-trained team. Our cleaners are well equipped with all the latest products, equipment, safety equipment, and methods. So call CLEANA Sydney now for high-quality Covid-19 Cleaning services.

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