New Cleaning Technologies And Ideas Professionals Are Using For Cleaning

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We all are living in a constantly changing world where new cleaning technologies and ideas are being introduced on a daily basis. In this rapidly changing world, How can the cleaning industry stay untouched? Cleanliness has always been an area of ​​rapid change and progress. From tools to machinery, and from chemicals to the safety gears everything is evolving with time, and Covid-19 Pandemic just boosted the pace of it.

Covid-19 Pandemic encourages the cleaners to adopt more effective solutions, techniques, and cleaning compounds. It also forced the cleaners to adopt more effective protection gears and kits. In this article, we are listing some of the new commercial cleaning techniques and ideas Professionals are using when cleaning.

Trending Tech and Ideas That can Raise the Cleaning Standard Effectively

Everything in this industry has improved tremendously, especially in the last decade. Now commercial cleaning companies normally feature green cleaning routines, marketing through digital advertising platforms, maintaining Customer relationship management (CRM), advancements in equipment or supplies, etc.

If you are a business owner, you must have basic details about the latest updates before hiring a cleaning professional. And for cleaning companies knowing about some new technologies and ideas will be not something new will be always beneficial.

So here are some of the technologies and ideas you can start with:

1. Leveraging the Power of Social Media Marketing

It is a well-known fact that almost every one of us does a thorough background check on all the social media platforms we use before making our final buying decision to purchase a service or product.

This is also true for cleaning services, it has been observed that around 70% of cleaning service clients go through the company’s reviews and social pages. Where they look for their track record with previous clients and about the process.

Along with checking reviews and ratings, clients also check how the company deals with complaints and how much they care about their customers.  They try to get a perspective about the business from its overall look and their activities on social media.

It is important that you keep yourself active and maintain a positive image of your brand in the places where your audience is. Cleaning businesses need to understand the fact that number banners can’t help to generate leads or drive conversions if they don’t leverage the full potential of social media platforms.

Cleaning Companies can focus on providing educational content, and being proactive to solve all the problems and complaints of their clients positively. Companies can also organize some kind of giveaways, and events that help clients to either get the information or the services at their best.

2. Waste Management

The world is now racing towards the concept of reducing, reusing, and recycling faster than ever before. With global warming accelerating at a frightening rate every day and global emissions steadily increasing, almost everyone is well aware of all the risks and they are looking for ways to do things right and in greener ways.

Business owners are not different they also want to create and maintain a positive reputation for their brand and business and wanted to represent themselves as sensible people who only do what is best for the environment from their side.

So, if you happen to be one of those cleaning brands that consider waste management an integral part of their cleaning job, you will have a good image and you will quickly gain popularity in the market.  It is because you will have an unmatched USP that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

Cleaning of dustbins, and safely disposing of all the waste/ garbage, along with all the disposable protection kits are important, and as a professional cleaning company, you should pay proper attention to these tasks.

3. Maintaining a CRM

CRM stands for Customer relationship management it is used by businesses for extra diligence and productivity in operations. It’s not enough for a business to just get the quality cleaning services you as a commercial company offer.

They love to involve in the process but with some limitations, they don’t want to ignore everything they do. Therefore, businesses these days approaching cleaning companies that also sound technically well and their process are well organized.

CRM is a management tool that can help you, especially in this matter. Softwares like these feature customized dashboard templates designed for the particular business industry that it is targeting. Its dashboard also features checklist organization, lead management, timely updates, SOW, POA, and even invoicing.

These tools help you to manage all your core and extra works with full efficiency. It can also help you with your schedule and deliverables, with tools like these and your quality services there’s nothing that can put your business in trouble.

4. Upgradation with the Trend

The pandemic has changed the way we approach cleaning, everyone including businesses are now looking for cleaning services that offer more than just surface cleaning. Sanitation and disinfection cleaning are services that business owners are now eagerly looking for.

In the last two years, we observed that there has been a hike in the demand to keep commercial premises free from germs and other contagious infections.

It is because if a business fails to protect its operation and staff from the virus, it can harm the brand image and also affect the health of the employees and their productivity.

Thus, Commercial Cleaners should upgrade their services to meet the demand and also have to upgrade all their equipment, process, cleaning compounds, and tools according to it.

5. Choice of Supplies

Cleaning services are now moving towards green cleaning processes as they unlock many benefits. In the present time, established and reputed cleaning companies are also following official protocols from government authorities and global regulatory bodies such as OSHA, WHO, and CDC. They are happily doing this to maintain an additional checkmark and standards.

It has been also observed that cleaning companies these days are choosing their organic supplies carefully so that they can provide the best possible cleaning to the client and also remain full-proof from all low-quality products.

It has been also observed that in times of shortage in supply, some reputed companies are also started to create their own solutions. When global regulatory bodies suggested some specific disinfectant and sanitizing solutions during this time of the pandemic.

Most of the cleaning companies started choosing solutions that were approved by the EPA and also carry a DFE label. Finding and using these products is not so hard, but it depends on the ethics of cleaning companies, how honest they are, and how much they care for the safety of their clients.

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