Know Everything About Our Medical Covid Cleaning Services

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The covid-19 pandemic is responsible for taking around 45 lac lives worldwide in the last two years. But it also thought us a lesson to take our immunity, doctors, nursing staff, and healthcare centers seriously. Many governments increased the fund to this sector this year as people’s health becomes a priority on their list.

Medical center or health care center Cleaning Services has been always an integral part of the Cleaning company’s service portfolio. And covid-19 forced these companies to upgrade these services. Medical covid Cleaning Services are for properties that are prone to a lot of contamination.

Medical and healthcare centers, in general, are highly prone to contamination as they are extremely sensitive in nature. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the situation becomes even more critical.

Since the virus is of a contagious nature, it is important that you go for medical covid cleaning services that provide spotless cleaning solutions without any compromise.

Normally, Medical centers hire local cleaners on the payroll but it is not the fool-proof way to manage the commercial cleaning needs of these highly prone places.

That’s why many started outsourcing medical covid cleaning services from professional cleaning companies. In this article, we are providing the complete detail of our medical covid cleaning services. 

This article will help you understand this service and it will also help you decide why CLEANA will be the right choice for all your medical center cleaning needs.

Pcc’s Medical Covid Cleaning Services

Our Medical Covid cleaning services include various cleaning, deep cleaning, disinfectant tasks and. Under this service, we will take care of all the surfaces along with the contamination-prone areas of your medical center, which includes the waiting area, in-patient room, surgical examination room, operation theatre, outpatient ward, etc.

We will also pay special attention to all the high-touch surfaces like switchboards, vending machine buttons, elevator buttons, stair railings, furniture, bedsheets, separator screens, wheelchairs, etc., which are being used and touched throughout the day.

We will first conduct a thorough inspection of your premises to understand your exact cleaning needs and then we will prepare a strategy that will take each and every last element into consideration.

With this strategy, we will create a comprehensive checklist with a plan of action ahead and various elements, once completed, you will be kept up-to-date on progress at all times.

We would also encourage you to do a full inspection before we leave. And even after doing that, if you find any missed spots, we’ll come back and clean the entire area without charging extra.

Top Reasons to Choose Our Medical Covid Cleaning Services

There are many reasons to choose CLEANA for any type of co0mmerciqal cleaning services, a few of them are listed below.

Unmatched Experience

CLEANA is one of the few professional cleaning companies in Australia with a record of the last 15+ years of providing quality services to Medical & Healthcare Center. We were providing these quality services even before the pandemic took place.

And therefore, we know what is required to provide highly effective medical and covid cleaning services in diverse industrial sectors.

Apart from this, our team of cleaners is well trained to stay updated with all the industrial and technology updates and the latest happenings time-to-time.

You can count on our knowledge to present you with well-conceived strategies that can make the complete surroundings 100% germ-free.


We have been working with some of the premium brands in Australia over the years. This is due to our unparalleled cleaning expertise. No matter what your add-on needs are, we’ll work our way through them and provide you with a clean and shiny premise like never before.

Standard Procedures

We follow standard procedures and protocols set forth by authoritative global bodies such as OSHA and CDC in everything we do.

This will ensure that we only provide you with the best solution for your premises so as to be completely free from becoming a breeding ground for infectious germs and viruses.

Green Cleaning

We provide green cleaning solutions for our hospital cleaning services at no extra cost. We also pick our supplies and solutions after proper observation, research, and according to the need.

Pro Commercial Cleaner uses only organic cleaning compounds that are EPA-approved or carry the DFE label. This step will ensure that you are not offered any lower-grade cleaning products that are not as good as they have to be.

Top-Class Terminal Cleaning

Terminal cleaning is a routine performed to thoroughly clean any residue on the bed and rooms of an extremely ill patient to avoid contamination by germs before the next person uses it.

Our medical cleaning services aim to ensure that the premises get on-point hygiene to counter any escalation and contamination. Our cleaners are ready to take care of even the most remote places with meticulous attention to detail.

Professional Cleaners V/s Hiring In-House Cleaners

Normally, businesses prefer to hire local people on the payroll to take responsibility for all their cleaning needs because they think that they will save some bucks in this way.

However, it is not right, since businesses have to first provide the required training to them, and along with it, they also have to put in the heavy initial investment to arrange everything like cleaning products, equipment and safety gear.

On the other hand, they only have to pay the monthly fee to professional cleaners to take care of all their cleaning work.

When you hire a professional cleaning company such as CLEANA, it will be their responsibility to arrange all the supplies, equipment, machinery, and workforce.

Additionally, local cleaners can’t match the experience, and knowledge of experienced professional cleaners. Thus, by hiring a professional cleaning company, you get better cleaning without investing much effort, money, and time. 

Businesses of any type and size looking for professional commercial cleaning services can contact us directly through phone or email and we will make sure that you get the best covid cleaning services in Sydney at the most reasonable cost. 

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