Top 5 Workplace Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Workplace Sparkling

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As a business owner, you will have plenty of responsibilities. It is up to you to create revenue-generating projects and to oversee your employees. Your main responsibility is to bring in money for your business, but you also need to handle other office tasks.

For example, it is up to you to provide a safe and clean space to work. You also need to make sure that your office is clean and organized. The last thing you want is for customers or clients to come into the office and have it look unorganized and unsanitary. Also, your employees deserve to have a clean, organized place to work. commercial cleaning tips help you to maintain cleanliness in your office.

If you cannot afford to hire office cleaners in Sydney to keep your office spotless, there are the top 5 office cleaning tips below that you can follow to ensure that your office is always clean and ready for clients to visit.

1. Quick Vacuuming

At the end of each workday, you should do a quick vacuuming in the main areas such as the waiting room, the lobby, and the conference room.

You can do a more thorough vacuuming in all areas of the office once a week, but this isn’t necessary on a daily basis. You should focus on areas where clients and customers will spend the most time.

2. Clean The Bathrooms

You should do a quick cleaning of the restrooms daily. You don’t want your customers and clients to use a dirty restroom. Also, your employees won’t be happy about using a dirty bathroom either.

At the end of each day, do a quick scrubbing of the toilet and sink. You should also take the trash out daily, and if necessary, sweep and mop the floor.

3. Keep Your Office Organized

This is a job that you can get your employees to help with. If you put each employee in charge of keeping their desks clean and organized, your entire office will look great all day.

First, have your employees wipe down their computers at the beginning of the day. You should provide cleaning wipes so they can wipe down the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and phone. They can also wipe down the top of the desk.

Next, require your employees to keep their workstations clean. Be sure to provide trays for papers, files, and other materials.

You should also give each employee a garbage can that they are responsible for emptying when it gets full.

Your employees should have a place for staples, pens, binder clips, and other small objects. If every employee’s desk is clean and organized, the room itself will look cleaner and more organized.

4. Keep The Break Room Clean

Your employees will go into the breakroom several times during the day. They sit there during their scheduled breaks, and many will eat lunch there. It is important that you provide a clean breakroom for your employees to sit and relax.

Start by requiring that all employees throw their trash away before leaving the breakroom. Also, wipe down the tables at the end of each day, so your employees have a clean place to sit.

If you have a refrigerator in your breakroom, it should be cleaned at the end of every week. It is not uncommon for employees to put food in the refrigerator and then forget about it. It won’t be long before the items left behind begin to spoil, and no one will want to use the refrigerator.

Make sure your employees know that on Fridays, everything left in the refrigerator will be thrown out. This will give them a chance to grab anything they want to keep before the clean-out begins.

Finally, put a sign on the microwave letting your employees know that they must wipe it down after each use. If they don’t, the spilled food will build up in the microwave and get caked on, making it very difficult to clean.

If there is fresh food from the day all over the inside of the microwave, it is easier to clean than you think. You don’t need to scrub the microwave until the food comes off.

To clean the microwave easier of caked-on food, you need 2 cups of vinegar. Put the vinegar in a bowl and cook it in the microwave for three minutes.

When the timer stops, leave the microwave closed for an hour. When you open the microwave up, you will be able to wipe the stuck-on food off easily with a paper towel.

5. Set Up Regular Services

There are plenty of things you can do on your own to keep your office clean, but you cannot do it all yourself. You should have some money in the budget for cleaning services.

First, you should have money in the budget to hire a carpet cleaning company twice a year. This will keep your carpets looking great all year long.

You should also have the budget to hire a window cleaner. Natural sunlight is essential to your employees’ physical and mental health.

If the windows are dirty, they will block out the natural sunlight and affect the office’s overall appearance.

Washing windows can be dangerous for you and your employees. If you or an employee makes a wrong step on the ladder, a serious injury can occur. If you have the money in the budget for regular window cleanings, they will always be clean and clear.

Just because you cannot afford to hire a cleaning service, your office can still be clean. You can handle the simple tasks yourself and ask your employees to pitch in as well. When everyone works together, your office can be clean every day.

You should also consider an annual spring cleaning and get every employee involved. During the spring cleaning, you can get to tasks that aren’t taken care of daily. Not only will this be great for your office, but it will also help your employees stay organized.

If you follow the cleaning Tips listed above, your office will always be ready for customers and clients when they arrive.

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