How to Get Business Cleaning Contracts in Australia

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Starting a business may seem easy, especially a commercial cleaning business; however, to start bringing in revenue, promoting, and gaining exposure, is where it can get difficult.

Here are some reasons why finding those commercial cleaning contracts is important, but also how to market the company to have longevity in the industry.

Why Contracts Are Important for a Business Cleaning Business

In order for a commercial cleaning business to thrive and succeed, there has to be enough money coming in to keep cleaners employed but also the operations operating.

Business operations include the marketing and maintenance of the website which allows for an online presence; then, there is the need to ensure that the cleaners have the correct cleaning equipment to provide the necessary service that is marketed.

All these and more are just a few of the reasons it is so imperative that a company gets cleaning contracts. Without commercial cleaning contracts, a company can’t stay afloat.

If, however, a cleaning company has indicated that its target market is small and local companies, then the marketing strategy somewhat shifts, and the focus is small-scale rather than large-scale.

Regardless of the size and scope though, at the end of the day, for a business to thrive, those cleaning contracts lead to cleaning accounts which result in getting paid.

How To Promote Your Business Cleaning Services

When it comes to promoting a cleaning business and competing with other companies in the industry, there are a few proactive measures one can take to attract potential customers and bring in those contracts on a regular basis.


One of the best ways that customers and prospective clients find a commercial cleaning business to suit their needs is through advertisements.

These can be anything from social media posts, flyers, or having an up-to-date website that potential clients can visit to learn more about the cleaning services a company offers.

It’s important that when advertising, useful information such as reviews from satisfied customers are shared and promoted online. Seeing what other customers have to say can help local businesses determine whether or not that particular business should get their office cleaning contracts or not.

Advertising is crucial, especially for those small businesses. Taking the time to create and establish an online marketing plan is going to help a cleaning company profoundly.

With many things going digital, it is one of the best ways to reach potential clients seeking janitorial services, whether it’s property managers, real estate agents, or business owners looking to provide office cleaning services.

If one doesn’t advertise, the chances of finding new clients decrease greatly. Online marketing strategies are and have helped many commercial cleaning companies find their ideal customers, as well as potential clients.

Word of Mouth

When a client is happy, they are more likely to promote and support the company which is providing such services. If one’s current clients are happy, they can drive traffic to the site and business which could result in creating more if not regular work for the cleaners. This is good because it means that the company is bringing in more money.

Word of mouth is great, especially when it comes to cleaning companies, as many offer a referral program. Having a referral program is more likely going to lead to contracts, not to mention it creates great free marketing and exposure in getting the company name known to others.


Returning clients who bring constant business to a company do so because of the reputation of that cleaning business. As clients, they no longer need to through the many cleaning companies available to them as they have found a company that not only meets their needs but continuously delivers.

In a way, these are the business opportunities that lead to a cleaning contract. Customers who return time in and out establish a cleaning contract for their service, whether it’s office cleaning or bank cleaning because they have had exceptional service. These positive reviews lead to a company having a positive reputation.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Sometimes to get cleaning contracts within the cleaning industry there has to be some partnership and collaboration. This can come in the form of endorsements through the use of exclusive commercial cleaning products, having a company’s logo alongside its own logo, etc.

Having a partnership or collaboration is great as it not only allows your business to gain exposure which could ultimately lead to more clients and new customers; however, but it can also lead to financial security.

As business owners, every commercial cleaning contract that is signed equates to having stability for the cleaners and establishing a presence in the market of cleaning providers.

What Factors to Consider When Trying to Get Business Contracts

When it comes to a cleaning business, establishing itself amongst other businesses in commercial cleaning, they have to be able to distinguish itself in price, location, and services.


From office spaces to residential, clients want to know the cost of whatever service they are looking to have done. This means that what they are going to pay has to be relative if not comparable to what other cleaning contracts offer.

Price can often vary based on location, how long the cleaning company has been in operation, reputation, etc. To get that cleaning contract with a client, look at your cost and make sure that you are competitive but that you can still profit.

Sometimes when it comes to one’s own business, they may sacrifice contracts by charging less; however, this is only creating an expectation that your company is cheap.

Don’t undervalue what your business is worth by trying to sign that commercial cleaning contract – if they aren’t willing to pay what you are asking for, it’s not a contract worth fighting for.


In some instances, if the cost is not a deciding factor, location can be the decision-maker for whether or not your business is going to get cleaning contracts.

Take for example, if your business is located in Melbourne, if a potential client is an hour or two away from you, they may not be so inclined to sign up with you because of that.

Know that it’s okay if they don’t because there is a good chance that in the process of you losing this one client, there is someone who is getting exposure to what you are offering and is willing to sign up.


Of all the factors that are important to getting those commercial cleaning contracts, what services you have to offer is essential.

With commercial cleaning contracts, pay attention to what the competitors in the area are offering. Take a systematic approach how to promoting and researching what services one wants and can offer.

If one can’t offer a certain service because of the lack of equipment, this is not their fault; however, if there is a demand for it, it may be worth considering looking into providing it.


Knowing the details of what one’s competitors are offering can help ensure that businesses are able to compete when it comes to getting those commercial cleaning contracts.

Get cleaning contracts by paying attention to all the small details, understanding the process of what needs to be done, how to do it, and then sealing the deal of a contract.

It may take time, it may be a trial and error process; however, once people can determine what works for the company and what doesn’t, they can begin to see money being generated regularly.

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