How To Get Business Cleaning Contracts For Cleaning Businesses

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The ultimate goal for many commercial maintenance and cleaning companies is to land a cleaning contract with offices, banks, or other corporate businesses.

Cleaning contracts do not grow on trees, and the competition in Australia is fierce. Here are a few pointers on how cleaning businesses can give themselves the best shot at landing those coveted contracts.

Eight Tips for Getting Business Contracts

1: Create a Professional Brand for a Cleaning Business

Cleaning companies trying to confirm a commercial cleaning contract for a bank, franchise, office, or anything else should remember that they are dealing with business people and professionals. First impressions go a long way, including the website, staff uniforms, and how representatives handle themselves.

It all contributes to the brand, and it matters a great deal. Put time into building and maintaining a professional business on every level.

2: Offer Excellent Cleaning Services

Obviously, the standard of the cleaning services offered has a huge role to play in securing a commercial cleaning contract. If a cleaner does a poor job and doesn’t pay attention to the details, it is unlikely the client is going to be interested in hiring them again.

Make sure all cleaning services are run with a best practice approach, with regular staff training and monitoring to maintain a professional reputation.

3: Do Not Wait for Opportunity to Come Knocking

Unless a business has the best reputation in all of Australia or the entire industry, cleaning contracts are probably not flying in from every angle.

Companies are not always going to approach commercial cleaners looking to hire their services- they may already have a contract with someone else. Pick up the phone, chat with people, put in the hours to find out where the opportunity lies, and go for it!

Some of the best franchise cleaning contracts come when somebody sends a proposal with details of how a cleaning service can improve business in a place that wasn’t even looking to set up any contracts in the first place!

4: Be Different from Other Commercial Cleaning Companies

There are a lot of professional cleaning services in Sydney and all over Australia, many of whom are likely to target the same contracts sometimes. Blending in with every other office cleaning business is not the way to win a contract and get paid.

Standing out from the competition is essential. Being memorable and different is an asset, as long as the service is strong. There are many ways to be different; here are a few ideas:

  • Focus on a certain industry and market the business as experts in that field. Niche cleaning may limit what jobs to take, but it also brings in different parties that may not have considered the brand otherwise.
  • Franchise into surrounding areas if costs allow. Offering cleaning services based in not only Sydney but also some of the surrounding areas is an effective method for creating a local feel without limiting business.
  • Be competitive with the price. The first thing almost every client looks at is how much they need to pay. Cost usually plays a part in the final decision on what cleaners get the contract: get the price right, and business can strive. Consider offering a special price for contracts lasting over a certain length of time or a special deal if the contract is for week-to-week cleaning.
  • Invest in the best. In the cleaning industry, many gadgets serve special purposes and help cleaners perform more efficiently. If a business has a modern tool that can reduce the time spent on office cleaning, they have a good shot at winning the contract. Although the initial purchase costs money, it could be worth it in the long run.

5: Know the Target Client

Schools have very different cleaning requirements to banks, and cleaning an office is nothing like cleaning a gym or a hotel.

Professional cleaning services do not necessarily need to stick to one type of job, although niche cleaning is a good way to bring in new business. They should, however, know every detail of the new clients they are trying to secure before entering into a negotiation.

Take bank cleaning contracts, for example. Before applying for bank cleaning jobs, companies should do a complete search to learn every aspect of what equipment and procedures are needed to complete the tasks.

Determine what exactly these clients are looking for and model the proposal around meeting their expectations.

Researching clients and businesses before bidding for their cleaning contracts is not only about tailoring services and proposals. It also avoids wasting anybody’s valuable time.

If an industrial warehouse is looking to hire a contract cleaner but they require specialist equipment that the cleaners simply do not have it is pointless putting time and effort into fighting for the business. Instead, they can focus on viable contracts they can actually achieve.

6: Strive to Impress at Every Stage

Take every opportunity seriously and go into every meeting with the aim to impress. When working with corporate businesses such as banks and large offices, it is essential to maintain a professional exterior.

Wearing a suit or other smart dress to meetings is not overdoing it: it is showing that the company respects the opportunity and is serious about securing this contract.

Whether it is the first Facetime meeting or the late stages of the paperwork- whoever is representing the company in person should always carry themselves professionally and memorably.

7: Gather Testimonials- and Use Them

Previous clients are an asset when applying for a commercial cleaning contract. Who better to testify to how good the services offered are than someone who has already hired them to do a job?

Whenever a client is happy, either on a one-off clean or as part of a regular contract, don’t be afraid for a testimonial in writing. From the point of view of a prospective new client, perhaps a bank or office, it is reassuring and enticing to read opinions from similar businesses that are existing customers of the brand.

If submitting a proposal, be sure to include a section for testimonials. Potential new customers who visit the website should also be able to find this information, so make sure it is visible.

8: Never Underestimate the Power of Networking

Word of mouth is and always has been one of the most powerful tools in the business. Few things can replace the effect that a direct recommendation from one company or individual to another.

Networking is an essential step in any marketing strategy, commercial cleaning companies included.

Many cleaning contracts for banks, office buildings, hotels, and other corporate locations go to a company that does regular work for another client who passed on the contact information along with a glowing review. It is much harder to get a contract if nobody has heard of the company.

Marketing through networking begins with getting the name out there within the right circles. Actively connect with other figures in the cleaning industry, look for opportunities to introduce the cleaning business to potential clients, and begin to build a solid reputation through the power of people.

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Final Thoughts

Commercial and corporate cleaning contracts are golden tickets for professional cleaners. The opportunity to work with even one good franchise could change a business’s future.

Taking action rather than waiting for the phone to ring and maintaining a high standard of service are the best ways to find success- be proactive a reap the reward.

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