The Secrets Behind The Best Business Cleaning Websites

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High-quality commercial cleaning services need a website to match. Building and launching a company site takes time but is essential to success. The following tips aim to provide a guide to what needs to be included on any cleaning website in Australia.

Building A Website

There are two main elements to building any website, commercial cleaning included: content and design.


Introduce the Company

The first thing any professional cleaning site should do is introduce the team and the service they aim to provide to the people of Australia. Make it feel genuine and welcoming to inspire visitors to keep scrolling.

Outline the Commercial Cleaning Services On Offer

It is essential to talk about what professional cleaning services are available so that potential clients can see straight away if the company matches their cleaning requirements. Depending on the type of business that comes looking for expert cleaning solutions, the exact service required can vary greatly.

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is a great job for commercial cleaning companies. Workspaces need everything from the door handles to the air vents cleaned regularly to comply with office safety standards.

Hygiene standards for office cleaning in Australia are exceptionally high, which is why commercial cleaners must work closely with their office-based clients.

Childcare Cleaning and School Cleaning Services

Childcare centres have unique cleaning requirements due to the chemicals that can and cannot be used. Cleaners that use gentle natural detergents are favoured for this kind of job.

Window Cleaning

A window cleaning project requires quality cleaning using specialist equipment. Many companies in the commercial cleaning industry don’t offer this service, so it is a good point of difference for anyone who can.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning services cover a lot of bases, from a warehouse storage facility to a factory floor. Any team working here needs to have excellent cleaning systems that can cope with the demand and work around the obstacles.

Medical Cleaning

Cleaning medical centres or any health facility is a tall order because of the high-quality disinfection and sanitation that is required. The medical industry has the most demanding cleaning needs of all, so cleaners offering this service need to be great at what they do.

Why Pick Us?

It is essential to include some content about what makes this particular cleaning service the best choice for commercial premises.

Are the cleaning solutions more advanced?

Has the team had more rigorous training than others?

Does this cleaning company have the most affordable rates, or is there something else that makes them stand out?

Offer More Detail

Have separate pages that offer more details about the cleaning services, equipment used, information about the management team, company values, and previous jobs.

Use Keywords Wisely

Search engine optimization is the key to a successful website. It basically helps a website rank highly on Google when people search for professional cleaners in the relevant area.

Using strong and effective keywords and keyword placement is one of the best ways to boost brand visibility and website traffic.

Link With the Right Connections

There is a huge network of commercial cleaners and suppliers in Australia that can be allies in the industry. Building connections and advertising them on a website helps to qualify a brand as high-quality and trustworthy. It is easier to maintain a good reputation with the backing of other respected businesses.

Find a Target Market

Offering a customized cleaning solution to suit everyone is a good way to broaden a potential client base, but finding a niche is also beneficial.

Specialists in deep cleaning may get more business in this sector if they promote it as their main offering. Marketing a brand as an expert cleaner for a targeted market is a good way to stand out.


Website design may not be everyone’s forte, but it is worth understanding a few of the basics. It is always a good idea to get a professional to design the website, just as it is better to ask cleaning professionals to do the housekeeping! That said, input from the business owner is always welcome.

Mix Up the Layout

The flow should be easy to follow but also interesting to the eye. Don’t list everything one after the other. Instead, have boxes and sections for varying information. Basically, just keep it interesting.

Use the Right Photos

Generic photos do not offer a complete image of what a cleaning company has to offer. It is worth investing in some good photography to take pictures of the real team in action, using the specialist equipment that clients are going to see. It feels more believable that way, rather than staged.

Think About Colour

Colour does matter- a lot more than you might think. Colour schemes can make or break a website, so it is worth thinking about. Look at other sites and see what looks appealing, or ask for professional artistic advice.

Top Tips for Building and Launching the Best Business Cleaning Website

There is much to consider when building a commercial cleaning service website. It takes more than just being great at a job to bring in professional commercial contracts. Here are a few top tips for promoting cleaning services in Australia online.

Highlight Any Points of Difference

There are many high-quality commercial and office cleaning companies in Australia, so a new brand needs to stand out from the crowd. Anything unique or rare about a company that could be advantageous when striving for new clients should be a central focus on the website.

Eco-friendly cleaning products, modern tech or equipment, or unique cleaning techniques are worth mentioning, as are special price points or services that people can’t find in many places.

Include a Section for Frequently Asked Questions

An FAQs section is always great on any website, as it lets customers learn more about businesses without having to speak to someone. Most people prefer to browse solo at first until they feel they know enough and are more likely to consider cleaning services that answer most questions already on their website.

Promote Pricing Early

Let’s face it- the first thing most potential clients look for is affordable rates. If businesses are not upfront about their costs, many customers just keep looking.

It is a good idea to have information about pricing available on the home page, whether it is a basic fee or an online form offering a free quote.

Study the Competition

Knowing what other cleaning professionals in Australia are offering is the best way to stay competitive. Take inspiration from other successful websites but put a unique spin on them.

The chances are that clients are going to look at multiple professional commercial cleaning services before sending over details of the job, so staying relevant is essential.

Get Personal

The commercial cleaning industry may not seem like the most personal business model, but clients always prefer businesses they feel comfortable with. Earning customers’ trust is the best way to enhance a professional reputation and grow a client base.

Personal services such as a live chat tool, free consultations, and first-name basis communication are assets to a cleaning company. If a client feels like they know the team, they are more likely to want to work together.

Contact the CLEANA Team Today for All Your Cleaning Needs

CLEANA is one of the leading commercial cleaning services in Australia. As countless happy clients and employees can confirm, every job the team does is completed to the highest standard without exception.

Visit the website today for contact information and business hours to get in touch about any upcoming cleaning projects that require assistance.

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