How Much Does Business Cleaning Cost In Australia 2022?

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Commercial cleaning rates cost $0.11 per sq ft, whereas traditional cleaning rates range from $0.07 to $0.16 per sq ft. If cleaning companies charge per hour, it equates to $75 per hour, with an average price range between $49 to $100 per hour.

It all depends on the service requirements expected from the company and various factors concerning the client’s workplace. Business owners typically need to meet with the commercial service company to discuss areas for disinfection.

Commercial Cleaners Cost Factors

A large group of business sectors uses commercial cleaning services to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. Professional cleaning services have been used for restaurants, medical facilities, retail locations, schools, churches, and more.

That means that the average cost of a commercial cleaner can vary significantly from place to site, taking the field of expertise into account too.

Other considerations included are the office cleaning frequency, working on public holidays, and window cleaning. By knowing this information, business owners can be more prepared for what the cleaning job may cost them.

It helps to display the cost variants to understand the impacts of commercial cleaning prices. If company owners are aware of this information, they can budget better.

Below is a list of the various charging methods that can affect the commercial cleaning rates liable by the business.

  • Commercial office cleaning rate per square foot
  • One-time commercial house cleaning rates 
  • How many bathrooms, toilet paper costs, and window cleaning affect retail cleaning costs
  • Hourly commercial cleaning rates
  • Commercial cleaning flat rates

Average Commercial Cleaning Price Per Square Foot

Average commercial cleaning rates range anywhere between $0.09-$0.20 per square foot, so that means the person can look at paying roughly $.0.15 per sq ft for a larger space.

If the office is 40,000 square feet, it costs between $0.06 to $0.12, and cleaning offices up to 12,000 square feet can cost anywhere from $.0.12 to $0.20.

Commercial cleaning services can even help with office maintenance, small storefronts, and most businesses less than 1,000 square feet. Understandably, the costs become higher the more extensive the local areas that require cleaning.

A bigger 10,000-square-foot office requires more time to clean, considerable cleaning supplies, and more cleaning employees than a smaller office space.

One-Time Commercial Cleaning Cost

Commercial cleaning companies also offer a one-time cleaning service, where people can expect to pay anywhere between $120 to $500. The list below shows the average pricing per square foot for cleaning a commercial space on a single occasion:

  • 0–1000 square feet: $120
  • 1000–2000 square feet: $170
  • 3000–4000 square feet: $230
  • 5000–6000 square feet: $270
  • 7000-8000 square feet: $450
  • 9000–10000 square feet: $500

This is an estimate, so the potential hirers should be aware of that and contact a service provider to find out pricing.

How the Number of Bathrooms and Windows Affect Business Cleaning Rates

In most office buildings, breakroom, kitchen, or window cleaning takes typically longer to disinfect and clean than waiting areas, hallways, and offices.

The more high-traffic areas and windows the commercial cleaning company must wash, the more extra cost is added to the final bill.

To explain this further – below is a hypothetical breakdown of the cost of commercial cleaning with details of how specific locations cleaned can affect the price.

  • The commercial cleaning rate per 1,000-foot doctor’s room costs $105 and entails three hours of work at $35 per hour. This basic cleaning service includes the receptionist area, 10 offices, 10 windows, a sitting area, stairs, vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping, all included in the package.
  • A 10,000-square-foot office on two floors costs around $210 and requires six hours to complete the job. The experienced commercial cleaners tidy four offices, four bathrooms, the main entrance, a showroom, a customer service area, a lunchroom, vacuuming floors, and polishing windows.
  • Commercial cleaning companies charge a 20,000-square-foot business $420, and it needs 12 hours of work to complete the assignment. This job included cleaning the front windows, floors, main entrance, customer service area, showroom, four bathrooms, lunchroom, and executive office.

Commercial Cleaning Prices

That should put pricing into better perspective for anyone wanting to understand the price per square meter of cleaning costs.

Remember, these are only estimates of the cost; it could fluctuate if more rooms or additional cleaning products are required for the commercial cleaning company to meet the client’s expectations.

The best thing is to shortlist the potential candidates to determine the average commercial cleaning rates between them.  

Office cleaning is typically set at a flat rate unless any extra deep cleaning needs to be performed at the premise. 

That can include pressure cleaning carports or dusting horizontal surfaces like the ceiling. These tasks require the cleaning crew to use other equipment to fulfil the customer’s requirements.

Commercial Cleaning Flat Rates

Some commercial cleaning businesses charge a flat rate when they service an office or commercial space. Typically, a representative of the commercial cleaners visits the company to determine the office cleaning requirements and the size of the space. They also check the number of rooms, square footage, and types of workspace areas that need regular cleaning. 

That allows them to calculate the required work per hour and provide a detailed fixed-price quote to the client. Most people like dealing with companies that operate in this manner because it makes it easier for them to budget for the washing process and provides quality control for office hygiene standards.

Commercial Cleaning Hourly Rates

On average, commercial cleaning costs around $50 to $100 per hour per job. Commercial cleaners charge an hourly rate and often provide a free quotation based on the size of the property and the office cleaning required

However, it’s good to note that the time it takes to complete a job can vary, affecting the cleaning cost to the business owner.

That is why commercial cleaning professionals must visit the premises to discuss the commercial cleaning rate per hour with the owner or manager.

That allows all parties involved to have relevant information about the commercial cleaning prices of the service they want to hire. It is good to note that industrial cleaning, such as washing factory floors, replacing towel dispensers, and per sq ft buffing come at higher pay rates.

How to Choose the Right Business Cleaning Company

First, a person should decide whether to pay for a square meter commercial cleaning, per hour commercial washing, or over a one-time occasion. Paying per square meter is recommended for larger offices in South Australia and involves more than two cleaners.

Per-hour commercial cleaners work a little differently, inspecting the area to determine the room types, plus the detergents required, and then calculating their commercial cleaning rates per 60 minutes.

Companies in the cleaning industry also give people a chance to pay a once-off fee for their services. However, if the office requires regular spring cleaning or there is a restaurant owner who constantly monitors health standards, it may be best to schedule a more systematic approach.


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