Workplace And Business Cleaning Cost in Australia for 2022 | Average Rates & Prices

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There are three major categories that office cleaning services base their prices. The primary one is the size of the area or office space that requires the cleaning job. Secondly, the number of hours the professional office cleaners spend tidying up the workplace is also considered.

Lastly, the cleaning tasks and job scope that the commercial cleaners need to undertake are added to the final bill. These three core requirements are the basis for any commercial cleaning.

By understanding the requirements of commercial cleaners, a person can prepare themselves for the cost involved when using one of these cleaning services.

This article was written to help people dive deeper into the topic so that business owners can make more intelligent decisions about hiring commercial cleaning services.

Various Office Cleaning Services

These factors don’t only apply in Australia, but worldwide too! Businesses need to consider this before working with special cleaning services. If someone is moving home, they may be required to have a furnished property bond clean completed.

That is when a bond cleaning service is called in to remove furniture and perform spring cleaning on the entire property.

Most businesses offer bond cleaning as an additional service depending on the commercial cleaning company. A bond cleaning service aims to assist anyone moving to a new home or office with all the cleaning requirements before the new tenant occupies the space.

Generally, a complete bond clean involves carpet cleaning, blinds dusting, waxing floors, and cleaning the kitchen. A professional commercial cleaning service can take care of all these jobs and even mop hard floors for the client.

Scheduling an On-site Meeting with Commercial Cleaning Services

Competition with pricing always surfaces with any business, which is valid for commercial cleaning organizations. Commercial cleaning rates can vary depending on the provider and the products used for deep cleaning the facility.

Office cleaning companies factor in cleaning chemicals required to get the assignment done. Business owners are recommended to look for professional cleaners in their area and schedule an onsite meeting with a representative.

The representative can then be shown the office cleaning needs, plus listen to expectations set out by the company owner or manager. Some people may wonder why commercial cleaners receive less than retail cleaning companies charge.

That is because larger cleaning companies also factor in overhead expenses and overall administrative work costs.

On top of the conventional pay rate, commercial cleaners charge extra if required to work overtime, during public holidays, or on a Sunday.

Special services, such as lease cleaning, interior window cleaning, and carpet shampoo cleaning tend to be charged at a more expensive rate.

In Australia, commercial cleaning rates can differ from area to area and depend on the customer’s requirements. It can save people a lot of time and money if they hire a professional cleaning company that uses special cleaning equipment to tackle its assignments.

That way, business owners can get the best cleaning solution for the right price and benefit from an excellent service.

What Dictates the Price of Commercial Cleaning?

We all know that house and commercial cleaning are very far from each other. An office cleaning company has more precise requirements and unique equipment to deliver above the customer’s expectations.

Below are some key points that commercial cleaning companies consider before providing a quote to business owners:

  • Frequency the facility requires office cleaning
  • Size of the premise
  • What sort of cleaning schedule does it require?
  • Insurance 
  • Cleaning supplies

The considerations, as mentioned earlier, help CLEANA go above and beyond customer expectations when performing a cleaning assignment for their company.

People must remember that bond cleaning services, such as cleaning mold, power points, cleaning skirting, and complete wall cleaning are extra expenses.

How Much Does A Commercial Cleaning Company Charge for Services

There are various ways that a commercial cleaner can charge their client for the services rendered. Below are how companies charge for cleaning a retail space or warehouse:

  • Fixed commercialized cleaning rates
  • Commercialized cleaning rates per square metre
  • Washing rates per hour
  • Commercialized cleaning rates per square foot

Typically these rates are anywhere between $30 to $49 per hour and include basic cleaning of the entire area. The company ensures a new clean soap holder, clean sink, replace filters, clean light fittings, and more are completed when cleaning bathrooms.

Seamless Quality Control for Corporate Entities

All clients have particular expectations when hiring a cleaning business to care for their commercial space. Quality control plays a crucial role in the cleaning industry, so cleanliness standards remain high.

Whether cleaning offices, the toilet seat, restaurant kitchens, or window cleaning, the CLEANA team makes sure that everything is washed meticulously. If someone needs clean garage walls, the company can take care of that too.

Specialty services exist to help business owners clean places that are not regularly cleaned or are hard to reach. Cleaning companies can even help with stain removal, washing the laundry tub, polishing tapware, and performing shelving windows clean. 

Routine Cleaning As Compared to Special Cleaning

Speaking of special cleaning and routine cleaning, some companies focus solely on regular cleaning and do not offer specialty tasks such as steam cleaning or washing machine purification.

Regular cleaning usually refers to the traditional kitchen or office maintenance performed throughout the day or once the establishment’s staff goes home.

Special cleaning sees the company using the latest cleaning techniques and technology to fulfil the customer’s expectations. These businesses even remove cobwebs, patio sweep, wash doors, clean drawers, and help remove natural rock stains.

On the other hand, bond cleaning inclusions can involve household repairs, tidying the garage, sweeping the floor, vacuuming sliding door tracks, and removing furniture from the home.

A bond cleaner makes sure that furniture surfaces, kitchen cupboards, and windows are in acceptable condition before the new tenant moves in.

Again, these commercial cleaning rates can vary greatly, so contacting CLEANA is recommended to anyone looking for the most value-for-money service in Sydney.

Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaner

Many companies around Australia offer cleaning assistance, but some of these businesses use unorthodox and outdated equipment to perform their cleaning assignments.

That can leave the customers at the hands of the cleaning company’s no-care attitude and typically ends up being a terrible experience.

People looking for a reliable service provider should look no further than CLEANA. The company has been in the industry for over a decade and is servicing New South Wales plus its surrounding areas.

CLEANA can take care of floors, specialist services areas, toilet paper replacements, and bond clean carpet services all under one roof. The business has specialized cleaning equipment, which helps it deliver the best quality service to all its clients.

Its site links services follow standards set out by the GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia), and it only uses eco-friendly products. That is fantastic news for all the environmentally-conscious individuals out there looking for a commercial cleaning solution.


Commercial cleaning can become an expensive affair if someone is unaware of commercial cleaning rates. Researching and shortlisting potential commercial cleaning businesses is crucial to finding the most affordable plus reliable cleaning solution to use.

People have used CLEANA for years and are happy with the company’s service, plus it has the best commercial cleaning rates in the industry.

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