How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost In Sydney? A Complete Guide By CLEANA

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Windows provide a way to see the world without going outside. The importance of windows has become very important in this pandemic period, as people are locked behind their doors and businesses have imposed very strict rules and guidelines.

Like doors, commercial storefront windows serve functional purposes and contribute to the curb appeal of your business. Large all-glass or primarily glass storefronts allow in lots of natural light as well as provide views to the outside, making the commercial space pleasant and easy to shop and do business with.

Thus, keeping them clean is important but it is not a task that anyone can do due to the risk involved. It is because of the following reasons.

Why Do You Need a Professional to Clean Windows?

Washing the windows of a commercial building isn’t an easy task. We have to take care of the right water pressure, the right moves, and the right product is something that only a professional cleaner can undertake from the beginning of the cleaning job.

Windows Cleaning is highly time-consuming work and as you are running a business you would neither want to waste time tracking everything nor don’t want to spoil the working environment of your work premise. 

Another reason is that the resources are not as inexpensive as it seems. Be it ladders, tools, or supplies, you’ll have to try all these things for the right fitment and you also have to spend more on a regular basis to keep everything up-to-date.

Cleaning windows of commercial buildings also involves risk factors. If you or your management team is considering sending inexperienced in-house cleaners to climb through ropes and ramps to clean high-rise windows, you’ll have to re-think. 

This can be potentially dangerous not just for cleaners but also for your brand reputation. On the other hand, a cleaner from a professional company would be fully insured to take care of the damage no matter what.

Additionally, without proper knowledge, there will be some easy to clean streaks and spots but without proper but your cleaner will take more than enough time.

These all are the reasons that make professional cleaning essential for your business. They not just save time, effort, and money but also make the complete cleaning job risk-free.

How Often Should You Hire a Professional for Your Business Window Cleaning in Sydney?

Ideally, if you want a completely clean compound with a crisp and clean finish between all corners, you should hire professionals for cleaning your window at least once every 2 months. 

If the gap between cleaning got stretched then you will find it clogged with cobwebs and every other dust mite on both the inside and outside.

Additionally, regular cleaning from the inside will also eliminate the risk of the spread of viruses and germs. As the temperature in Sydney is also not very friendly to the building structure and glasses, regular cleaning will eliminate all the risks and also keep you up-to-date with the condition.

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

Not many want to pay a penny more than what the real market charges. This can be also true when it comes to specific personal preferences like window cleaning services. 

However, several factors are considered on the basis of which the Windows Cleaning price is decided. You may be charged on the following grounds, regardless of your professional cleaning needs.

  • Hourly basis
  • As per the size of the window
  • Depending on the cleaning modules to be implemented.
  • Charge per pane
  • Cost depending on the height of windows, and effort required to reach there

However, we may estimate the total cost but we can actually guess the final price. The proper final cost can be only revealed after inspection.

It also depends on the size of the premise and the extra services you are telling a professional to do. So, contact a professional cleaning company like CLEANA company and let us conduct an inspection so we can provide you with an estimation.

What is covered in Business Window Cleaning?

If you hire specialist window cleaners who offer the best window cleaning services, you can rest assured that they will do more than you expect. However, they will surely take care of the following for you:

  1. Thorough washing of surfaces of your glass windows (both single and double hung) from both inside and outside with water, steam cleaning, or shampooing as needed.
  2. Wiping, cleaning, scrubbing, and brushing frames, jambs, and sills
  3. Washing of window screen and fly screen mesh if any
  4. Removing mold on window frames.
  5. After washing, make it spotless from inside and out with various drying techniques. 

Why Hire CLEANA for Windows Cleaning?

The more accessible your windows are, the less time it will take. This will reduce the total number of hours worked on the cleaning effort. But it is not in your hand because most businesses take a property on lease or on rent to run their business. Thus, you can only organize your stuff well so that cleaners can reach the window easily.

There are various commercial cleaning companies in the market and CLEANA is one of them. CLEANA is a Sydney-based commercial cleaning company that provides quality commercial cleaning services to businesses located in and around Sydney.  

The company provides a number of commercial cleaning services including Covid-19 commercial cleaning, regular commercial cleaning, windows commercial cleaning, and many more cleaning services.

The company has all the tools, cleaning products, machines, safety equipment, and responsible and experienced cleaning staff. Thus, it doesn’t matter how high the windows are, we can clean them in no time. We use organic cleaning compounds and the latest tools to make every penny of yours.

So contact CLEANA now and get your windows cleaned with the highest standard of quality, the best-trained staff, and a company that has experience of years in this field. Call CLEANA and Share your requirements today!

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