A Complete Checklist For Finding Night-Shift Business Cleaning Jobs In Sydney

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Office cleaning jobs at night-time in any city in Australia are desirable contracts for housekeeping professionals. Whether you are searching in Sydney, NSW, Melbourne, VIC, or any other major city, there is a lot of competition out there going after the same contracts.

Searching for after-hours cleaning jobs as a business or individual can take a bit of work to find the right match, salary, and location. The trick to winning these jobs is knowing where to look and how to represent the service on offer.

Where to Find Night-Time Office Cleaning Jobs from Sydney, NSW to Melbourne, VIC

People rely more and more on online job search websites every year, with most businesses choosing to advertise vacancies through this platform.

Potential clients of every kind, from hospitals to corporate office cleaning, employ people via online applications and proposals, even when it comes to maintenance and cleaning services.

Some of the Best Places for Job Seekers to Search for This Type of Job Are:

  • AU.Indeed.com (one of the best job hunt websites in the world)
  • Adzuna (offers jobs of every kind)
  • ServiceSeeking.com.au (specifically for jobs relating to all home and commercial services in Australia)
  • Australia.recruit.net (one of the country’s favourite job search engines)
  • LinkedIn (Facebook for professionals)
  • Gumtree (the one-stop-shop to find everything from a cleaning job to a new car)

It is also worth reaching out directly to businesses in the right location to find out if they are interested. Anyone who lives in a small enough area to approach local businesses should take advantage.

New companies with few offices might not have considered a cleaner, but a visit from one professional offering a decent service may change their mind.

Top Tips for Finding Night-Time Cleaning Jobs

Set Up a Job Alert

Having an active job alert set up on as many job seekers’ websites as possible is a proactive and effective way to find office cleaning jobs.

Entering as much information as possible about the job type and role a person is interested in helps find work to match their skills and experience. Join email alert chains and consistently check for any change in job status in locations the business is operating.

Advertise Previous Experience on the Job

Speaking of experience, it is important for people to list detailed information about the type of work they have been involved with previously. Experienced cleaners, in general, are more likely to get cleaning jobs in Australia, especially night-time work.

The reason for this is not only because there is a more proven track record or results, but they also feel more reliable and responsible enough to understand the requirements of cleaning an office after hours.

Be Reasonable with Job Salary Expectations

Depending on the job type a person is interested in, the working hours and tasks may vary- and so might the salary. When creating a job seeker’s profile to look for after-hours office cleaning jobs, either as part of a team of supervisors or an independent business, it is worth looking at the average salary for a cleaner with similar office cleaning duties in NSW.

Asking for or expecting a premium salary for a simple late-night office cleaning job that takes minimal time and involves basic duties such as dusting and mopping is not likely to end in good results.

It is important to understand the competitive salary rates in a certain location for specific tasks, skills, experience levels, and time frames for office cleaning jobs.

Build a Professional Profile

For a cleaning business (either a team or an independent cleaner) looking for office cleaning jobs creating an impressive and professional job search profile and CV and sharing it on every job alert page is a great way to receive opportunities and potential job offers.

Businesses look at countless profiles every day when looking to hire any type of role, so it needs to stand out. The content should be clear and to the point, but it needs to hold their attention and make them feel like this person means business.

A Cleaning Company’s Profile Should Include:

  • Any experience with previous office cleaning jobs
  • The date range of any relevant training courses taken (the more training, the better- especially for corporate clients)
  • What role or job type the person is looking for (it is worth noting how adaptable you are if there are various roles you would agree to work)
  • List what supplies and equipment the team have available- is it included for free, or is there an extra charge on the salary?
  • An idea of what salary is expected, depending on the role and working hours
  • A picture of the team or person who is looking for work
  • Testimonials and references from previous customers
  • Use professional language and double-check everything before submitting.
  • Up-to-date contact details (email and phone number)
  • A personal message from the job seeker detailing why the company should hire them- it should read as highly professional and coherent.

The more interesting a profile is, the more likely somebody is to stop and actually read it. Even the most talented and experienced cleaning team could be completely overlooked if their profile does not look professional.

Use punchy sentences, bullet point the highlights, and start strong. Make sure the photograph used is high quality and smart- no selfies!

Network, Network, Network

Office cleaning jobs don’t grow on trees. When on job alert, a person needs to connect with as many potential opportunities as possible. Many office cleaning jobs go to somebody recommended by another company or through word of mouth.

The broader a network a cleaner can build, the more likely they are to get a jobs alert early before the competition heats up.

Every week, join events that bring contacts together, attend any calls and take every meeting that is offered. Even if something doesn’t pan out straight away, the contact and connection remain.

You never know what could happen further down the line. People market to each other all the time, especially in corporate business. A good word from the right person can launch an entire career.

Final Thoughts on Finding a Job as a Night-Time Office Cleaner in Sydney, NSW

Setting up a job alert for office cleaning jobs office and actively networking in the relevant circles is a good place to start. Like any cleaning job, night-time commercial jobs may run every day, week, or month, so they are excellent jobs to have.

An Experienced cleaning company is more likely to win the bigger contracts, but many small businesses cannot afford a largescale office cleaning operation.

Stay alert, join as many networking circles as possible, and work on creating the best profile page possible. Most importantly- don’t expect instant results. Be patient and persistent, and keep up the search.

Sydney is a city full of commercial and corporate properties and busy businesses that don’t have time to keep them clean. Cleaners are an essential service to modern offices. Night-time work is the most desirable. Stay committed, and don’t give up.

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